V8 Supercars’ CEO explains how important knowing your tribe is.

David Malone is the CEO of V8 Supercars. I had the pleasure of having a fireside chat (well, trackside really) with him recently whilst I was down in Launceston, Tasmania as a guest of Microsoft Office 365 . David takes us behind the scenes of the marketing of V8 Supercars in Australia and New Zealand – which, whilst it looks like a very big business, V8 Supercars is still a very small business employing 60 full time staff around the country. What it is though, is a small business doing very big marketing.

We can learn a lot from David, as whilst he may be the head honcho of the organisation, he makes it his business to get to know the fans – and boy are they passionate! H is often seen walking the track, shaking hands, asking what he and his team could be doing better. Never to shy of asking the hard questions, he is well underway in nurturing a strong event driven brand in the Australia (world) motor sport industry.

Plus I share a very interesting experience I had this week in which I had to talk about myself for one whole hour … and explain why you should try it!