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206 – I go head-to-head with millionaire network marketer Paul McAneny of Isagenix.

If the very idea of multi-level marketing (also known as network marketing) sends you running for the hills, you might (I say might!) have a change of heart after listening to this episode with millionaire Paul McAneny, Australia’s second largest distributer of Isagenix products. Entering this interview, I was very open about my own views regarding network marketing, but (putting aside the business principles of network marketing) it’s clear Paul and his wife, Suzanne, are making a great living helping others, and have some valuable marketing insights to share.

SBBM #18 – How Send Out Cards is Taking Over the Greeting Card Industry

In our first episode of 2010 we chat with Kody Bateman, founder and director of Send Out Cards. Founded six years ago, Send Out Cards gives members the ability to send a physical greeting card, written in their own hand writing, from an online application. Kody tells us how he got started and why the big greeting card producers should be worried.

The episode includes great tips for leveraging network marketing and will show you how to effectively cut through to your customers with direct marketing.