206 – I go head-to-head with millionaire network marketer Paul McAneny of Isagenix.

206 – I go head-to-head with millionaire network marketer Paul McAneny of Isagenix.

If the very idea of multi-level marketing (also known as network marketing) sends you running for the hills, you might (I say might!) have a change of heart after listening to this episode with Paul McAneny, Australia’s second largest distributer of Isagenix products. Entering this interview, I was very open about my own views regarding multi-level marketing, but (putting aside the business principles of newtork marketing) it’s clear Paul and his wife, Suzanne, are making a great living, and have some extremely valuable insights to share.

Listen in as Paul sheds light on the difference between multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes, and shares some of the lessons he’s learned from 29 years in network marketing. For Paul, his #1 priority is to always come from the heart and to relate to people on a personal level by sharing his own stories – and that’s how he has grown his earnings to $2 million in sales per month in his Isagenix business.

Still have some doubts about network marketing and or the Isagenix business? Paul has kindly made himself available to answer any questions – call him on +61 (0)449 782 668 or email him at paulmcaneny@yahoo.com.au

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Episode Timeline

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  • 5.30 I’m on a blog post challenge with my Son. Why don’t you set a blog challenge for yourself?
  • 7.30 Getting to grips with some Marketing GOLD from inside the Small Business Big Marketing forum.
  • 10.00 Introducing Paul Mcaneny, the second largest distributer of Isagenix products in Asutralia.
  • 13.15  What is multi-level marketing and how does it differ from franchises and pyramid schemes?
  • 21.00 Multi-level marketing as a global phenomenan – not just something that exists in Australia.
  • 22.00 The importance of looking at trends. Isagenix works because it is riding the trend of weight management, health, and fitness.
  • 25.00  Paul shares some of his life story with us, from quitting the polic force to embarking on a course of personal development.
  • 30.00 The three things that Paul’s multi-level marketing mentors taught him when he started out in 1985.
  • 32.00 Paul’s commitment to approaching business from the heart instead of the head.
  • 38.30 The importance of sharing your life stories and experiences to engage people.
  • 41.00 What is Paul’s superpower?
  • 45.30 Multi-level marketing and overheads – there aren’t any!
  • 48.00 How Paul and his wife lost everything in 2010 but bounced back.
  • 64.45 My top three learnings from chatting with Paul.
  • 66.30 If you have any questions for Paul, you can contact him on +61 (0)449 782 668 or paulmcaneny@yahoo.com.au
  • 67.20 Quote of the week!

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My Top 3 Learnings

My top three takeaways from chatting with Paul are:

1. Look out for trends and apply them in your business. This is exactly what the folk at Isagenix have done – weight management, health, and fitness are big areas of opportunity.

2. HELP. Yep, the more help you can give, the more success you will get.

3. Share your life experiences. Be open with people and tell a story. Every business is about forming relationships and you do this through emotional connection.

Over to you!

Let me know YOUR #1 takeaway from this episode by leaving a comment below.
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45 thoughts on “206 – I go head-to-head with millionaire network marketer Paul McAneny of Isagenix.”

  1. Brendon Miskell Tim the record of MLM is not good, it has never delivered wealth in the way it is marketed and the products are not controlled by demand and supply as they are in the supermarkets which leads to problems. Paul seems like a nice guy but his experience is so untypical compared to all distributors of these MLM systems and its the MLM companies that take the cream. Sadly its a smoke and mirrors system, you wont find them on the ASX with shareholders, they are driven using a church evangelism style system, product cults, I think you can tell I’m not a fan.

  2. I was not excited about the show, but despite my prejudice of MLMs, I thought it was a good interview with some great take-always:
    -get to know your customers why.
    -sales is relational. Get to know as much as you can (kids’ names, the cat, the dog, etc).
    -never give up. This guy could have made so many excuses why he should just roll over and complain. Love the attitude.
    -BEST ONE: Play to your strength. He admitted to not be great with numbers or even business, but he plays to his strength of relationship and giving to others, and he is winning in business now.

    Not a fan of MLM, but that is not what the interview was about. Great job Timbo. I should not have been so surprised.

  3. Thanks Nick. Geez I love your take aways. I should get you to write my show notes. I agree. My biggest take away on reflection was playing to one’s strength. Any time I try and do something I’m no good at, it just plain hurts. Thanks God for outsourcing!

  4. Thanks Brendon. I appreciate your comments and perspective. One thing that does strike me that I don’t see in a lot of other businesses is the level of positivity and personal development amongst those involved – now, some of this may well be artificially created, however, in a world of negativity, it’s a breath of fresh air.

  5. Amanda Pockett

    Network marketing gives people the chance to take control of their future and its an industry where you can’t be discriminated against for your looks, your sex, your education. Anyone can do it, get started with very little outlay and start networking and leveraging time for money. I love it! Started doing it 6 yrs ago as a hobby but recently the light bulb went on that my income in my day job is not going to secure my future or retirement and I can only rely on myself for that! Isogenix is just one of many companies. I work under the umbrella of Forever Living Products woth 2.6 billion dollars , trading in 163 countries in the natural health and wellness industry.

  6. Amanda Pockett

    I should add that there is much discrimination about the industry, people often snub you when you say what you do, so its not for the faint hearted and you do have to work hard and smart!

  7. Jordan Taylor

    I appreciate Paul giving up his time so that you could share that interview with us Tim but I feel like there was a lot of fluff. The marketing gold wasn’t dripping from the ceiling, though you did a good job of wringing out what was in the rug.

    I think Paul struggled to convey the essence of what makes MLMs so effective. When a salesman calls you on the phone, or shows up at your door, the immediate response is usually, “No thanks, I’m not buying.” By having someone in your social group, be it the real world or online, promoting a product that first negative response has been skipped. You’ve already shown a level of trust for this person by the simple act of having them in your social network.

    In a world where we’re in almost constant communication with our friends MLM is almost the perfect vehicle to reach a huge number of people.

    Where, I think, the MLM structure fails is when those promoting the products hit their organic sales peak and their natural market dries up. Now they’re forced to push harder for sales, often pushing friends and family because that’s who is in their social network – that’s who they’ve been told to market to. Unfortunately for the friends and family in these situations they don’t have the option of hanging up that phone or closing the door.

  8. Jordan Taylor

    As an aside I’m not a fan of the products Isagenix are promoting. There are better ways to promote weight loss and healthy living and meal replacement shakes aren’t a healthy, long term solution. Not SUPER valid to the topic of marketing but important for me to share. 😉

  9. Peter Karaoglanis

    Timbo I enjoyed the variety in the interviews and this was worthy.

    Firstly I didn’t think it was controversial at all, Paul McAeney covered off well why people succeed or don’t succeed in MLM or even business at the beginning of the talk.
    You asked about believing the millions “paraphrase” and he said that have hard enough time beleiving the thousands and that is were he starts.

    So the take aways are and in no important order are these.

    1: belief is the true currency for success and failure and the heights we reach.

    2: Systems are the tracks that business and personal success is built on.

    3: Isogenix as it sounded is a singular focused product so being able to focus singularly is important.

    4: Telling your own story or as Paul suggested “share your heart”, is the real secret in all relationships.

    5: Doing the simple consistently is the water to the seed that allows for duplication and growth.

    To write off MLM with trite comments is so very reminiscent of comments made of Franchising, just because the paradigm doesn’t suit your circumstances doesn’t deligitamise the business. However the high apparent failure rate may well be to low entry cost and skill sets, it does give opportunity to many that may doubt their legitimacy as successful people. That’s its conundrum both failure and success is is the flip side of the same coin.

    So Timbo a great yarn and there ain’t nothing wrong with a jovial failure to success to failure to success story…


  10. Thanks Pete. Another great summary. Your point about networking marketing being a business model that gives many the opportunity is something I’ve heard a number of times since my chat with Paul. I love that side of it, as there are far too many people out there that doubt their own abilities and therefore avoid starting their own business. This comes back to networking marketing being a great way for people to develop personally, and possible taste success.

  11. Whilst you’re clearly not a big fan of the model, Jordan, in a way you raise one of its upsides – the fact that those promoting it can hit a natural sales peak is a good thing. In any business. It then drives them to be better business people. If some of them choose to then push harder on their friends and family, then I agree that’s a bummer. That said, if the product is beneficial to them, then is that a bad thing? Like so much of marketing, the magic is in the messaging and the way you deliver it. Push works in the short term, but not so much in the long term. I’d hope the smart ones who do reach their organic sales peak, then move on to open up new markets, as scary as that may feel.

  12. I have a doctor mate that uses Isagenix to stay in shape. He commented along similar lines that there are better ways to lose weight. We all know that. However, what he loves about Isagenix is the fact that it’s a step-by-step solution ‘in a bottle’, that requires little thinking for busy people. When we package things up we make it easy for people to buy from us and can charge more. I’ve always loved packaging as a product (and service) strategy. Thinks McDonald’s Happy Meals.

  13. It sounds like having a thick skin, and shutting out the negativity is a key skill set of network marketers, Amanda. In fact, I also hear this as a requirement for anyone starting a business. There’s always those who don’t like you changing, doing something different, having a go. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

  14. Hi timbo, great interview! You really get people to open up. Paul Blackburn is an old friend and one if the most inspirational and down to earth people I’ve ever met. And he gives great interview – so I can introduce you if you wish… Cheers, Annette pm me on fb – we’re connected or shoot me an email, you’ve emailed me before.

  15. Mike Townshend

    Thanks Tim I enjoyed the insight into MLM and gained a lot from listening to Paul and how he has rebounded back from such dark places.
    Hasn’t facebook been a gift to these sorts of businesses.

  16. Thanks Mike. I guess Facebook has been a gift to network marketers. I’ve not given it much thought, but it certainly provides a platform where you can go from one to many – as does every social media channel.

  17. Appreciate your kind words about my interviewing technique, Annette, and stay toooned for an email requesting an intro to Paul. #Appreciated :0)

  18. Paul McAneny

    Hi Nick, Thank you for your comments, Much appreciated.
    My role and vision is to change the perception of MLM because it is a Professional business and be an Ambassador for change.
    Have a great day.

  19. Paul McAneny

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for kind words.
    Appreciate your comments.
    Yes Social Media has changed the world and so quickly.
    I have built our business the old fashioned way, by building relationships and knowing what our Leaders want and what their family needs are.
    You are right out of the 37,000+ people we have in our business, our 12 Leaders, ten of them are under 35 and built on Social Media, they are young and build FAST. They are all earning over $250,000 – $1 Million a year.
    They have all built their business under 2 years.
    The other 2 are in late 40s and late 50s and Im in 60s.
    Times are certainly changing and MLM is certainly part of that change.
    Enjoy a fantastic day.

  20. Paul McAneny

    Hi Annette,
    Yes agree with you, Paul Blackburn would be perfect for Tims show.
    Paul certainly changed my life by being my first mentor.
    Thank you for your comments and have a great day.

  21. Paul McAneny

    Hi Amanda,
    Thank you for your comments.
    Yes I love that it is equal opportunity, women get the same pay as men, also in the USA 84% of the women that earn over $100,000 per year do so through MLM.
    I have learnt to Not take things personally, as most people only know what they know, their reality is their reality.
    My goal is to become an Ambassador for MLM and change the perception of what is happening.
    Times are changing very quickly and the industry as a whole is becoming more Professional.
    Good Luck with your business.
    If I can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to call.
    Continued Success.

  22. Paul McAneny

    Hi Brendon,
    Thank you for your comments, you bring up some very interesting points.
    I agree the perception of MLM is not good, that image was started over 50 years ago, not by the company but by the distributors themselves, they tricked the people by asking them to dinner and then bringing out the whiteboard.
    After 50 years that company is still alive and kicking today with turnover of over $1 BILLION a month ($12 BILLION) they were the pioneers.
    In my 30 years in this industry I have seen dramatic changes, it has become very Professional and we are attracting some very dynamic entrepreneurs and my role is to become an Ambassador for the industry and change the perception.
    For instance over the weekend I spoke to over 2,000 people in Brisbane from our company and in 24 hours we raised over $500,000+ for MAKE A WISH foundation, that is helping over 50 children have their dreams.
    I dont agree ALL DISTRIBUTORS of MLM and these companies take the cream.
    Please, look at most companies they take the cream and pay the employees what they believe they are worth. Swapping time for money.
    In our business you get paid what you are worth, whether man or women, as she or he who does the most work gets paid the most. FAIR.
    Just because companies are on the ASX is NOT a recipe for Success, their track record of some over the last few is not good.
    Check out the returns of peoples SUPERANNUATION FUNDS, a lot of those companies are on the ASX. Not a real good track record.
    I believe MY SUCCESS is in my hands, we now have 37,000 people in our team with over 3,000 people joining a month.
    My mission and vision is to help over 1 Million people with their HEALTH and WEALTH.
    We have helped thousands with their Health and we have helped over 30 families and individuals retire from their jobs and all earning over $150,000 to $1 MILLION a year and we have helped thousands earn an extra $100 dollars a week up to $150,000 per year.
    As you can see Iam a fan, of helping people change their lives.
    Have a great day.

  23. Paul McAneny

    Hi Peter,
    Thank you for kind comments and your Entrepreneurial thoughts.
    You really picked up on a few of my favourites for Success.
    Speak from the Heart and be authentic.
    Belief is SO IMPORTANT. I am 10 feet tall and bulletproof with my belief in MLM, ISAGENIX the company, owners and management, the products and most of all ME.
    We have developed a SYSTEM of success that is easy and duplicatable that helps people with their Health and Wealth. This is why we have over 3,000 people joining us a month right now, not because of ME but the system (Just like McDonalds)

    You are so right Success and failure is a flip of the coin, we teach a lot of personal development, as I found a lot of people don’t believe that are deserving and worthy of success, this is were we teach people about MINDSET, setting small goals and Vision boards etc.
    Thank you for positive feedback and entrepreneur spirit.
    Enjoy your Life.

  24. Paul McAneny

    Hi Jordan,
    Thank you for your comments, much appreciated.
    Yes, i agree the internet and Social Media is changing the world and FAST.
    It has dramatically changed our business and will get Bigger.
    Over the weekend I spoke to 2,000 people in Brisbane and I asked this question ” How many of you are buying ONLINE right now? Over 80% of the people said YES.
    The internet has put a lot of businesses and even industries out of business look at video stores, book stores, retail sales are struggling because people are buying online.
    This is one of our major trends 1. Internet and Social Media.
    2. 70% of people in Australia are overweight or obese, even our kids are getting Fatter. WEIGHT LOSS and WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Another major trend. 60-70% of people are overweight in Australia.
    3. Better ENERGY and PERFORMANCE. Trend
    4. Healthy and Youthful ageing. Baby Boomers. Trend
    5. Financial Freedom and also Time Freedom. Major Trend.
    I don’t have to push people and use my friends. WHY
    I could walk down the street and have 10 people a day in our business everyday because I know the numbers. By asking questions, I know a lot of people are not happy.
    60-70% of people hate their JOB, hate their boss or people at work or BOTH.
    They are only working to pay the bills.
    60-70% of people are spending more than they earn or BROKE or living on credit cards.
    A lot of small businesses are going BUST or just making ends meet, they have purchased themselves a job.
    A lot of people are sick and tired of being sick and tired, they are in STRESS mode.
    In my 30 years in this industry, there has never been a better time as right NOW because people are looking for a PLAN B.
    People are after FINANCIAL and TIME FREEDOM to spend time with their families and loved ones.
    We are a SOLUTIONS based company giving people an Opportunity to follow their goals and dreams, with a small outlay.
    When you know the numbers and trends and focusing on helping people get what they want. This is a recipe for Success.
    This is why we have 3,000 people joining our team a month.
    They are looking for Financial and Time freedom also better Health.
    As you can see I Love MLM and helping people live their dreams.
    Good Luck on your adventures.

  25. Jordan Taylor

    I couldn’t agree more that people want a solution in a bottle and, as a business model, selling people what they want almost always guarantee’s success. The Heart Attack Grill in the US is a great example of selling people what they want to make great profits, unfortunately it’s also killing them.

    I’m not trying to compare the two companies but extremes make great examples. I’m just coming from a position as someone with a a passion for healthy, clean eating, and I think I, personally, would struggle with selling the products. That certainly doesn’t mean they don’t work (they clearly do) or that they don’t sell (that’s obviously not the case) they just don’t sit well with me.

    In regards to the MLM model itself I can see it’s benefits – especially now, as I said, when we have our social network closer than ever before. There are things to be learnt from the MLM model as with any other business model.

    As an aside, Tim, I’d LOVE it if you could interview the owner of the Hearth Attack Grill, Jon Basso. He was a fitness professional before he started the restaurant and there’s a great segment with him in the 7 Deadly Sins TV series.

  26. Paul McAneny

    Hi Jordan,
    Could not agree more look at McDonalds, Kentucky, Burger King, Coca Cola, Pepsi etc etc. Iam on the same wave length as you.
    As a business model, they all work, but not helping the Health of the world.
    I Understand where you are coming from.
    We did 3 months due diligence on the products before we got involved.
    Because Suzanne my partner has been a Master pilates instructor for over 30 years, she had her own gyms and studios in London, New York, Rome, South Africa and Australia and also had her own TV show on Health, Nutrition and Wellness also Body Movement we had to be very careful.
    She also had a gym with James HUNT the world champion formula 1 racing car driver where she taught taught the rich and famous she was Lady Dianas personal trainer for 3 years, Barbara Streisand, Bette Mittler and many world champion athletes in many sports including tennis, running, boxing, athletics, golf, soccer, Rugby etc etc
    We had to make sure the products were first class as we are now working with many world champion athletes and champion athletes in many fields.
    We took all the products to a private bio chemist to have all the ingredients tested and we got the tick of approval.
    As many of the athletes we work with get drug tested a lot.
    One of the scientists on our Scientific board is dr. Michael COLGAN who is a HALL OF FAME Sports nutritionist who has worked with over 11,000 elite athletes including 60 WORLD CHAMPIONS and OLYMPIC CHAMPIONS and has worked with the Australian, NZ, USA, Canadian and England Olympic games teams.
    Michael is a genius in his field for over 50 years now herbs, botanicals, plants he is a Master formulator.
    He insists that all his athletes and so do we take these products.
    Especially in removing the lactic acid out of the body as quickly as possible as it helps prevent inflammation and quicker recovery in the body.
    I also work with many world champion and champion athletes on the Mental side of their sports. We had to be certain.
    Part of our due diligence was to interview the MASTER FORMULATOR JOHN ANDERSON who is a genius in his field he is known as the MINERAL MAN around the world developed 2,300 natural products for over 600 companies.
    This is what he told us ” Most people are not getting the MINERALS in their body as much as they used to and they are not drinking enough good water, so most peoples blood is acidic and they are filled with toxins and impurities.
    So in his products he has the 60 Minerals and 30 vital amino acids, vitamins and fatty acids that you need on a daily basis.
    One of the most IMPORTANT reasons for our success is the whole body CLEANSING of the body.
    By removing the TOXINS and IMPURITIES from the body including your kidneys, liver, colon, lymphatic system/immune system and blood your body can go from the ACIDIC to the ALKALINE corridor.
    He also said that our food is nutritionally bankrupt NOW.
    WHY because we spray herbicides, pesticides on our fruit and vegetables this kills the top soil, then kills the earth worms that help create our MINERALS that we need on a daily basis.
    Then we inject our cows, chickens with growth hormones to make them grow faster and we are injecting these hormones etc.
    Funny thing CIDE in Latin means death so we are spraying death onto our vegetables and fruits.
    Buy ORGANIC people say, yes that is OK for the people that can afford and that is the minority.
    Also how do you know it is organic or FREE RANGE several companies this week just got caught out, the chickens were penned.
    Also in Australia there is NO SELINIUM in the soil as it has become bankrupt because of spraying herbicides and pesticides.
    As you can see Im very Passionate about this subject as several of my family have died from, Cancer, Diabetes and Heart etc etc.
    A lot of these diseases are avoidable.
    I agree with you on some things but not others, everyone is different, which makes the world go around.
    I have lost 28 Kilos and 29 inches off my stomach and chest after 3 months and I have been on these products for 3.5 years this is the healthiest and fittest I have been in 30 years.
    People are getting AMAZING results and everyone has a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. No results, send it back, so nobody can lose anything. Not like when you buy things from the chemist or Supermarket. No refunds there.
    Have a great day, I love Health and Wellness also.

  27. Milan Michael Dekich

    I recently got into a MLM in the US that’s fantastic. It’s been around for over 55 years and is one of the main reasons my friend’s mom is still alive. I’m working with some of the ground floor players and have some fantastic resources available for my team. If this is any interest to you, feel free to shoot me a message milandekich@gmail.com.

    Thanks Tim for getting this great info out there! Cheers Mate

  28. Paul McAneny

    Hi everyone,
    Thank you all for your comments and responses, it has been great.
    Just been on a fantastic call with some of the TOP financial Leaders, trainers and entrepreneurs from different industries.
    Just got some new figures that might interest you in regards to marketing.
    Figures are supplied by the DSA.org and Statista.com.
    In 2013 the Music industry world wide was $47.4 BILLION.
    The Movie Industry was $38 BILLION. 2013
    The MLM Industry for 2013 was $178 BILLION worldwide.
    The reason that the MLM industry has exploded over the last 5 years is because.
    1. You cannot beat great word of mouth advertising.
    2. 60-70% of people dislike their job, their boss or BOTH. Unhappy with their work.
    3. 60-70% of people spend more than they earn, are broke or living on credit cards.
    4. A lot of small businesses have purchased themselves a job or just breaking square and they don’t have TIME or FiNANCIAL FREEDOM to spend with their families. Thats why they started their own business to be there own BOSS.
    5.82% of women that earn over $100,000+ in USA do it by direct sales or MLM.
    6. The INTERNET and ONLINE SHOPPING also SOCIAL MEDIA is changing how we do business right now.
    There are many businesses and even industries that have disappeared or are in BIG trouble right now video stores, book stores, retail sales etc etc.
    7.People now want things FAST and EASY.
    8.A lot of people are sick and tired of being sick and tired and stressed out and are looking for a PLAN B.
    Big thank you to TIM for having me on your show, also for your comments, great feedback.

  29. Paul McAneny

    Hi Milan,
    Congratulations, sounds great.
    I was in San Diego 3 weeks ago for our National conference with 11,000 people.
    Been in the industry nearly 30 years, Love this industry and people with Entrepreneur spirit.
    Biggest personal development seminar you will ever attend, as you have to change your mindset on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, dealing with people, Your own beliefs and fears will pop up regularly and you must believe are deserving and worthy of Success also you must learn to be FOCUSED.
    My friends and family told me I was crazy, now they say I was lucky because I got in early.
    The reason we have 37,000 people in our team with 3,000+ joining us a month is we were FOCUSED on our goals and dreams, We used our vision board and affirmations and took MASSIVE ACTION. Guess we were Lucky.
    The harder I worked the Luckier I got.
    Enjoy your journey, if I can help in any way always there to help. Go for it.

  30. I remember reading in MJ Demarco’s book The Millionaire Fast Lane that he said MLM was a great model IF you set up the network and sit at the top. Otherwise you are just burning your entrepreneurial capital and energy creating wealth for others. And how many people really make money ongoing from MLM, I don’t know any? Plus if you calculated the hours that you put into the selling of the product I bet that most agents would be surprised how little they are making.

  31. Everywhere I turn at the moment Isagenix is popping up in front of me. Whether it is a friend trying the product, Timbo interviewing Paul, or Michael O’Neil from the states talking about it on his podcast.

    Great episode. I love the positivity, I need it at the moment.

    Geez, do I sign up?

  32. Thanks for your view, Justin. Appreciated mate. If you’re talking about knowing people making millions from MLM, then you don’t come across them every day. I’ve met around five in my travels. But people making a living (and a reasonable on at that) from MLM. I’ve met plenty. I guess it depends on what your criteria for success is. I know quite who are either making a few extra grand a month from it, and others who have well and truly replaced their income from it – and working much less hours. Cheers … Timbo.

  33. Positivity is so important, VP. You know that. We all need as much as we can get. Identify what lit you up the most when listening to Paul talk about his business, and see where you can get more of it. Re signing up. Call Paul (his number is above in the show notes). Ask him whatever’s on your mind. If you jump in, the downside is low, the upside? Well, it’s what you make it. Happy to keep discussing inside the Forum. Stay positive ;0)

  34. I was amazed see your network marketing ideas. Who needs to run mlm business securely in online at that moment these tips continuously supports to them. I have great confidence at your post with I believe it’s always constructive to each mlm investors.
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  35. Fantastic. I’ve been on the fence of changing my model to include some MLM aspects that give incentive for current clients. Giving a reason for someone to recommend you (financially) just gives the right motivation to take you to the next level.

    Also made me really think about putting more effort into asking more personal questions for my CRM system to really show you care about their lives – not just their money. Gooda stuff!

  36. Hi Tim, great interview. The whole MLM thing is a hot potato so good on you for taking it on. I see a lot of MLM’s in networking and they are often despised, and in most cases it is justified. Many MLM’ers come and go and people get tired of hearing the same story over and over again, hence they are at best tolerated. That said there are some like Paul Mcaneny who are nice people and build genuine relationships and do the industry proud. Unfortunately these fine folks seem to be the exception rather than the rule. I’ve considered writing an article – Networking Tips for MLM’ers, this has inspired me to make it happen. Cheers.

  37. Fair comment, Grant. Go ahead and write that article. I’d love to read it. BTW, any industry / business model has it’s slime balls, networking marketing may (I don’t know for sure) have a bigger share than most.

  38. Signature Clothing

    Having lost my Best Man as a friend with MLM in a past life I had a pre-conceived hate for the platform.
    But with the advent of the internet, the MLM’s can pull interested participants rather than suck on their their family & friends network for engagement.
    It’s a whole new business system now.
    Good interview Timbo.
    BTW, still have #18 with Kody Bateman of Send Out Cards in my list of 10 favourite shows, a story that had a heart warming message.

  39. Signature Clothing

    Paul, the proof is in the eating.
    I have 2 friends who are using the product, they have both hit their weight target.
    Meanwhile I have put on 6kg from missing my exercise program. Hmmmm!

  40. Thanks Arn. I agree, the world has changed and we have to take a new view of MLM / network marketing. I am giving serious consideration to adding a network marketing product to my offering in 2015 – I don’t know what it is, however, it wont be Isagenix. It will be one that has a direct relevance to what I’m about – helping small businesses grow.

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