#129 How to rebrand a business.

This is an encouraging story of a small business doing big marketing. Not massive marketing. Not ground breaking marketing. Jut good solid marketing following a tried and tested process of getting clear on your brand first, establishing clear messages around what they do and then applying the outcome of that clarity to all future touch points – business name, stationary, signage, website, imagery, social media channels and so on.

The business that has just been through this transformation is Caboodle Financial Services … previously known as Delta Group.

What a difference already, huh?!

It’s owner, Peita Dimantidis, recently attended a marketing keynote I gave in Sydney, did a whole lot of reading and then (and most importantly) took a whole lot of action. Swift action without hesitation. As I always say …. action creates reaction. That’s where the magic lies.

If you’re thinking a rebranding of your existing business is in order, then take a listen to how Peita went about it.

PLUS in this episode I give an update on what’s happening with my last guests dream of getting a date with Kylie Minogue; and I’ve found out why Seth Godin declined to come on The Small Business Big Marketing Show (and it’s encouraged me to not give up). I think he misinterpreted what my show was all about … and my role in the mix.

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