Holly Holm sponsorship

285 – Australian startup Grrrl gambled 95% of its marketing budget on a Holly Holm sponsorship

Start-up Grrrl gambled 95% of it’s marketing budget on UFC’s underdog Holly Holm (ranked 7 in the world) beating the world #1 Ronda Rousey in last week’s Bantamweight World Title Fight. Well, the underdog won and this has tuned out to be an inspired sponsorship decision. Listen in as founder Kortney Olsen (a State Jiu Jitsu champion and Australian arm wrestling title holder) takes us through the deal and what it’s done for her brand new business.

warwick capper

194 – AFL legend Warwick Capper talks business. No, seriously!

Warwick Capper was a legend of the Aussie footie field in the 1980’s. And although Warwick is a massive character who might seem too wacky to have any kind of business head, you certainly can’t be stupid to keep your name on people’s lips for four decades. And I reckon that Warwick could actually teach us all a thing or two about having the confidence to push through and win in business, to seize opportunities as they come along, and to take action every day. Let’s get into Episode 194 with the man, the legend, Warwick Capper.

marketing your business on youtube

168 – YouTube helped this guy create the world’s leading drum teaching business – online and offline!

Today’s guest is Mike Johnston of Mike’s Lessons. Mike founded the website MikesLessons.com, which is an online drumming community run by himself and his wife Amber. The website offers live online drum lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced players, taught by Mike and individual downloadable lessons all filmed in his home. After the site gained success, Mike expanded the business to the Mikes Lessons facility in Folsom, California and began to offer international week-long drum camps.