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Dave Muson - storytelling marketing example

264 – How to use storytelling to create a strong brand with Dave Munson of Saddleback Leather

Dave Munson is a great story-teller. Oh, and he happens to own a small business – Saddleback Leather. They make and sell leather bags that Indiana Jones would be happy to carry.

Integrating his amazing story-telling skills in to his website copy, marketing video scripts, and even his voice-mail, Dave has managed to create a highly engaging and emotional brand in an industry that isn’t known for its charm.

Join me around the campfire as Dave let’s us know how he does it.

isagenix business

206 – I go head-to-head with millionaire network marketer Paul McAneny of Isagenix.

If the very idea of multi-level marketing (also known as network marketing) sends you running for the hills, you might (I say might!) have a change of heart after listening to this episode with millionaire Paul McAneny, Australia’s second largest distributer of Isagenix products. Entering this interview, I was very open about my own views regarding network marketing, but (putting aside the business principles of network marketing) it’s clear Paul and his wife, Suzanne, are making a great living helping others, and have some valuable marketing insights to share.