How to build a personal brand

249 – The Happy Family Lawyer is challenging the conventions of the stuffy legal fraternity and crushing it. A Masterclass in how to build a personal brand.

Building a strong personal brand has had far-reaching benefits for Clarissa Rayward, AKA The Happy Family Lawyer. Whilst she’s the first to admit that her approach to marketing is highly unconventional, it’s also enabled her to build a highly engaged community, find her voice and build a strong legal practice many lawyers only ever dream of.

Plus, there’s my usual check-in on what’s been happening this week, and I’m proud to announce a brand spanking new sponsor in Key Person Of Influence – which means for you two things – 1. I’ll be putting out a second episode each week and 2. They’ve kindly offered each and every listener a hard copy of their Amazon best-selling book.

Yep, big show as usual. Let’s get stuck right in!