249 – The Happy Family Lawyer is challenging the conventions of the stuffy legal fraternity and crushing it. A Masterclass in how to build a personal brand.

249 – The Happy Family Lawyer is challenging the conventions of the stuffy legal fraternity and crushing it. A Masterclass in how to build a personal brand.

Building a strong personal brand has had far-reaching benefits for Clarissa Rayward, AKA The Happy Family Lawyer. Whilst she’s the first to admit that her approach to marketing is highly unconventional, it’s also enabled her to build a highly engaged community, find her voice and build a strong legal practice many lawyers only ever dream of.

Listen in to this inspiring marketing conversation and discover:

How to create a personal brand

The power of creating a personal brand

How starting a blog can help you find your voice

How to get out of your own way in business

How and why to perfect your pitch

The power of being yourself in your marketing

How to build a community

How to get great design done on the cheap

How clever marketing helps you attract your ideal client

Why writing a book gets you national media coverage

How video marketing has lead to Clarissa getting recognised in court!

Plus, there’s my usual check-in on what’s been happening this week, and I’m proud to announce a brand spanking new sponsor in Key Person Of Influence – which means for you two things – 1. I’ll be putting out a second episode each week and 2. They’ve kindly offered each and every listener a hard copy of their Amazon best-selling book.

Yep, big show as usual. Let’s get stuck right in!

Episode Timeline


  • 00:34  Welcome and overview of today’s episode
  • 02:30  Insights in to my new sponsor – The Key Person Of Influence Program
  • 05:09  I introduce The Happy Family Lawyer – Clarissa Rayward
  • 07:11   Interview with Clarissa Rayward – Part 2
  • 13:35  Insights in to the KPI Business Accelerator
  • 14:49  Interview with Clarissa Rayward – Part 2
  • 41:36  My top 3 learnings from my interview with Clarissa Rayward
  • 43:14  Motivational marketing quote of the week
  • 43:31 I check in on your week
  • 45:52  Wrap-up and insight into next week’s guest

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My Top 3 Marketing Tips from my chat with Clarissa Rayward:


  1. Start blogging as a way to find your voice; and just pretend you’re writing to a friend.
  2. Create a personal brand to sit alongside your business brand. 
  3. Challenge the conventions of your category; otherwise you’ll end up doing and looking the same as everyone else.

Inspirational Marketing Quote of the Week

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

Joseph Pearce

Over to you!

Let me know YOUR #1 takeaway from this episode by leaving a comment below.

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43 thoughts on “249 – The Happy Family Lawyer is challenging the conventions of the stuffy legal fraternity and crushing it. A Masterclass in how to build a personal brand.”

  1. Ben Atkinson

    Really enjoyed the episode.

    Some really good insights how creating good content can work to promote your business.

    I also like the insight in how the two brands are working together and how the brand changed the perception of the business.

  2. mcutlerwelsh

    Great union with KPI Tim, and thanks for hooking up the free book deal. Looking forward to getting hands on that. And what a pleasant surprise to find this extra episode appear on my subscribed list on a Friday!

    Really interesting interview with Clarissa. Been thinking about how other industries (particularly the architecture and building industry) could use a similar shake up and divergence from the stereotypes.

  3. Well this has been one of my favorite episodes of SBBM (listened to them all). I operate in the professional services industry (physiotherapy) and I resonate with Clarissa’s approach to challenging ‘stuffy’ industry conventions. It’s inspirational and encouraging to observe the success Clarissa has had inside the legal industry. A true trail blazer I believe ushering in a new way of doing family law. Well done. (and Tim a second episode per week is great news-as is the very fitting partnering with KPI).

  4. Anthony Murphy

    1. Listened to this ep on the way to work this morning and really enjoyed it! Made me think about the fact that challenging the conventions or stereotypes of your business or work place is a great way to build your brand and stand out from the crowd. Keep up the great work Clarissa!

    2. All ready taken advantage of the KPI book deal! Gotta love a FREEBIE! Thanks to you Timbo & Key Person of Influence for this one.

    3. Two episodes of SBBM a week!!!!!! Enough said.

  5. Clarissa’s pitch was excellent. And having this nailed made other marketing decisions much easier I expect. Great episode!

  6. Thanks Jason. Your pitch is mission critical in getting peeps to listen to what you have to say. Once you get asked :So, what do you do?” in should kick your golden pitch. Grab this free hard copy book from KPI (new sponsor 😉 if you’re keen to learn more – there’s whole chapter on How to nail your pitch http://www.keypersonofinfluence.com/timbo/

  7. You make a great three points, Anthony. Thanks mate ;0) Let me know what you think of the KPI book – just be sure not to read it before bed. You wont sleep!

  8. Thanks Matt. Once you’ve read the book do share your feedback. I know of a few architects / builders that have been through the KPI program to great effect.

  9. Agreed Ben. Those same learnings are hugely applicable to the driving instructor industry. The opportunity to challenge your category and do things a little differently is huge. I strongly suggest you grab a copy of this book as well – in fact, I’ll get Stephen to share it with the ADTA. http://www.keypersonofinfluence.com/timbo/

  10. Hi Tim, I love your show and I enjoyed the interview with Clarissa, I will look forward to reading the book and I feel a better desire to blog more regularly!
    Cheers Sharon

  11. Adrian Crawford

    Over in the UK where is Clarissa when you need her ? I love your podcasts Tim most are 9 out of ten this one rang the bell SUPERB

  12. “Most are 9 out of 10” Now, there’s a challenge! Let me know when I’m consistently punching out 10s, Adrian ;0)

  13. Clarissa Rayward

    Thanks for your comment Adrian- love the UK (save for the winter!)

  14. Clarissa Rayward

    Thanks Sharon- I say get to blogging! It has been so enjoyable for me and has led to so many interesting connections and great opportunities! I never realised the size of the community of ‘bloggers’ until I got involved and I have really enjoyed learning more and more! Good luck with it!

  15. Clarissa Rayward

    That pitch (it is about 2 lines!) took a good year of thinking! It is funny how something that is now seemingly so ‘simple’ took such a long time to work out but it has been so incredibly worthwhile! The KPI book is so useful for this as Tim said.

  16. Clarissa Rayward

    Anthony thanks. I must say I did not set about to deliberately ‘upset’ the legal industry but more I observed that the traditional way of doing things was just not really meeting the needs of most people. For me it comes back to looking at what the customer really wants/ is trying to get done. We have some great examples of this with UBER and Air B & B at the moment. I think then by doing what I believed in and focusing on what clients are really after has enabled me to stand out from the others.

  17. Clarissa Rayward

    Thanks Brad! You are a good friend who has been challenging your industry norms for a while too!

  18. Clarissa Rayward

    Thanks Matt- with a husband who works in the building industry I couldn’t agree more that it needs a shake up!

  19. Clarissa Rayward

    Thanks Ben. It has been a bit of an adventure and me learning as I have gone along but it is lovely to find a ‘new’ outlet for me in business. I agree good content is key but I think you also have to pick a medium you are really comfortable with- writing may not be for everyone but there are so many options these days for creating great content there is no excuse for not doing it!

  20. Sue Kirkpatrick-Laird

    Hi Timbo. What a wonderful discovery I have made! Loved the interview with Clarissa – amazing pitch Clarissa! KPI has been popping in and out of my world over the last six months. I finally ordered a copy of the KPI book on Tuesday, liked the KPI FB page, listened to your interview the Clarissa, and it’s flowing on from there. Awaiting in anticipation for the book, have ordered the free copy for my partner. The enthusiasm exuded in the interview has really helped me listen more to my own essence of spirit, giving me confidence to follow my inner voice. Excited! Sue

  21. You’ll find the time if you love implementing, Chris. That’s when marketing your business becomes a hobby! Even better when you start to see the results.

  22. Thanks Tim and Clarissa. I have a law degree, and so some of my best friends are lawyers. They work huge hours – does your approach allow more family friendly hours Clarissa? Have ordered the book, thanks.

  23. Timbo your comments about social media being a one way street resonated with me. Just learned that my 25000 TripAdvisor points are for ‘entertainment purposes only’. And writing critical reviews here in Fiji, when the people are so friendly (though on ‘Fiji time’) just seems wrong. So no more TA reviews – more time with family and on our own blog – http://wealthontrack.com.au/wot-blog/

  24. Clarissa Rayward

    Oh I hear you on the ‘time’ issue Chris! Thanks for your feedback.

  25. Clarissa Rayward

    Steve I think one of the huge advantages of working for yourself if you are in control of your hours. I must say I still work a lot but I work at home, in the park and all over the place! I do also love the work I do so I cant say it feels like ‘work’ in a negative sense (save for a few days here and there!) There are some good shifts occurring in our industry away from crazy long hours and you will find that if you look for more boutique size firms you can certainly be a lawyer but more importantly enjoy your family and your life! Good luck with it all!

  26. Steve O'Halloran

    What an Awesome interview. Take the negative away from an industry that is well needed and make it very, very positive. Great Job !!!

  27. Correct Steve … build your own house, before that of others. Trip Advisor will survive without you, but your business wont. yet ;0)

  28. What a brilliant show, especially to see a strong female businesswomen who doesn’t have to be a dragons den (= shark tank to you Aussies) bitch to be successful. It gave me inspiration to update my own pitch. Don’t worry I’m not a lawyer! I loved how Clarissa uses Simon Sinek’s “start with why” (including “I believe” in her pitch) method. Now if either of you can just get me his phone number I’ll be one happy lady 🙂

  29. Harriet, I like Simon’s work, but I gotta say the Guys at KPI are brilliant at helping you find your why. Grab a copy of their free book here – keypersonofinfluence.com/timbo – it’s a great read. They even run courses in London!

  30. Clarissa Rayward

    Harriet thank you. I have always been a fan of the ‘kill them with kindness’ approach to life and business. I agree starting with your ‘why’ is essential. Perhaps grab a copy of the KPI book as there are some great exercises in there for getting to the bottom of it all. And if nothing else sit and think about the times and moments in life that made you the happiest. That will start to get you there! Good luck!!

  31. Clarissa Rayward

    Thanks Steve. It has taken a good few years to find that positive place (and it is still often challenged by others!) but I am a much happier person and I think a far better lawyer for following my gut on that one! Thanks for your comments.

  32. Hi Tim, I almost didn’t listen to this episode because I thought that it wouldn’t be as relevant to me as the other episodes focusing on products and services. Boy was I wrong! I really enjoyed seeing how Clarissa has pulled out of the herd to is running free of the constraints of her stereotypical. Congratulations Clarissa! you deserve all the success you are achieving. Thanks Tim for bringing us another inspiring story!

  33. Our pleasure, Brian. My feeling is some of the best learnings can come from business owners who you don’t believe have a relevance to your won industry. I see this all the time.

  34. Melanie Gray

    This is by far the most useful and my favourite of all of all your podcasts. It’s great hearing someone successful stepping out of the norm in their field to provide such positive, productive, professional and personal services. I too am trying to do something similar in the IT industry. I feel more confident than ever in perusing my marketing plan, which for other business owners, might take them out of their comfort zone. Inspiring! Thanks Clarissa and Timbo!

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