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#122 The Big Question Episode (A Valentine’s Day special edition).

Ever since Jonathan Krywicki proposed to his wife in an amazing way seven years ago, he’s been badgered by other would-be suiters to help them get it right when preparing to pop the big question. So much so, in fact, that he’s gone ahead and started a business doing just that – an exclusive marriage proposal service aptly called Pitch and Woo.

Now, here’s the thing. Not only is Pitch and Woo a very cool business idea (unique in fact – in Australia at least), Jonathan is absolutely passionate about it and it comes through in this fireside chat. So passionate in fact, he’s been burning the midnight oil trying to get it to market whilst working full time for the man, and supporting a beautiful wife and four month old son.

So, slip in to something more comfortable, grab a glass of bubbly with your better half and slide in to this (not so romantic) but incredibly passionate chat with Mr Proposal himself.

#122 The Big Question Episode (A Valentine’s Day special edition). Read More »