AFL legend Richie Vandenberg’s wine brand aims to remove 1 billion plastic bottles from our oceans | #576

Today’s guest happens to have captained the mighty Hawks, the Aussie Rules Football team I’ve supported all of my life. And sure … there may be the odd fanboy moment during our chat. But, he’s also the founder of a disruptive wine brand that’s laser-focussed on removing one billion plastic bottles from our oceans by 2030. It’s episode-on-a-mission,o 576 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


#94 VinoMofo – An In Your Face Brand That’s Kicking A**!

This is a story of how and why it’s so damn important to build a brand and have the guts to stick to it through thick and thin.

In 2006, Andre Eikmeier started an online forum called Qwoff, a place where the average Joe could discuss wine without all the fancy talk. Three years later, and not a cent richer, he (and his business partner) launched VinoMofo, an online, in-your-face wine retailer that (in their own words) “…offers a small selection of hand-picked wines and wine-like things … at very mofo prices.”

Hear how Andre took VinoMofo from zero to hero using the power of branding, and was subsequently bought by Catch Of The Day, Australia’s biggest group buying site last year.

If the idea of taking your business from bland to brand appeals then listen up … Andre shares some absolute marketing gold.