darren finkelstein

222 – How to thrive when those around you aren’t with Darren Finkelstein AKA The Boat Guy

This guy’s a fantastic small business marketer. So fantastic I had to invite him back for a third fireside chat!

Darren Finkelstein (now AKA The Boat Guy) co-owns St.Kilda Boat Sales – a small boating business in Melbourne, Australia that’s punching way above its marketing weight. To the point that the business has doubled in the past 3-years and the brand is stronger than ever.

Listen in and discover how consistently publishing helpful marketing content to YouTube, how writing a book, how speaking from stage, how developing a media profile can all lead to massive business success.

Plus I answer a question from a listener about how to leverage awards, and I share some feedback from a State Trooper turned small business owner in Connecticut!

Let’s do this!