How (& why) to target small compounding growth initiatives not short-term sales with Ferndale’s Leigh Edward | 646

How (& why) to target small compounding growth initiatives not short-term sales with Ferndale’s Leigh Edward | 646

Ferndale Food’s second-generation owner Leigh Edward goes about running his multi-million dollar family business in a very refreshing way. He’s strong on values, considered in his approach, and avoids trying to be anything he isn’t. As a result, Ferndale are the producers of some of Australia’s biggest, privately-owned confectionery brands. It’s episode 646 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast, that wreaks of the sweet, sweet smell of success!



A little more about Ferndale Food’s Owner Leigh Edward …


I can’t really put my finger on it, however there’s something about the way regional-based, family-owned businesses are run that I find a joy to hear about.

Whilst I’m generalising, the owners of these types of businesses seem to go about growth a little differently to those in the big smoke, that aren’t family run.

They’re often run on a strong set of values passed down through the generations, they’re in less of a rush (to do anything, really!) than their big city cousins, and they create great working environments that attract good, quality staff.

Today’s special guest, Leigh Edward, second-generation owner of Ferndale Foods in regional Victoria is a great example of this. 

Started in 1995 by Leigh’s old man in response to a gap in the market for low-sugar confectionery products, Ferndale is the creator of global confectionery brands including JILA Mints, JOLS Pastilles, Licorettes and they even produce Blitz Mints for supermarket chain ALDI.

Turning over 35 million dollars annually and employing over 60 staff, this is a great story that builds on the message of last week’s episode with Mez from Wholesome Bowl … stick to your values, avoid being anything you’re not and slowly build a business loved by all.

We cover plenty of marketing ground in this chat with Leigh including his approach to branding, packaging, innovation, risk-taking and manufacturing, plus he has some solid insights into how best to navigate the fragmented media landscape we’re all confronted with.



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