Imagine making a living from teaching breathing … The Breathe Project’s Bodhi & Kat do! | #475

Imagine making a living from teaching breathing … The Breathe Project’s Bodhi & Kat do! | #475

The Breathe Project’s Bodhi and Kat have started a business to teach school kids and their teachers around Australia and New Zealand how to breathe correctly. Don’t you just love how some people make a living?!


A few months ago, my girlfriend, Sarah told me about this couple, Bodhi and Kat, who run a business called The Breathe Project, traveling around Australia teaching school-aged kids to breathe properly. Like that is literally all they do!

My first reaction was … “That’s awesome, what a beautifully simple business. I love hearing the different ways people make money!”

My second reaction was “What a great idea, there should be more of it! I want to interview them.”

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m a shocking breather – shallow and from the chest. As opposed to deep and from the belly. I’ve even got myself an Apple Watch that reminds me every hour to breathe!

So just recently, Sarah and I were wandering through the Noosa Farmers Market and she says “Hey, I think that’s the guys from the Breathe Project.”

It was, we have a chat, get to know them, and I invite them on to the show.

So, what is The Breathe Project? Well, it’s the fastest growing well-being initiative in Australian and New Zealand schools. Bodhi and Kat go into schools and teach this one, simple breathing technique which helps students and their teachers get rid of stress and anxiety. And that’s it!


The Breathe Project’s Bodhi and Kat with Tim Reid


A little bit more about The Breathe Project’s Bodhi and Kat …

Bodhi Whitaker is a free-thinking, realist and the founder and presenter of the Art of Breath Training, with 32 workshops and 2,500 individuals helped directly since 2012. He has extensive experience as a Psychosomatic Therapist and yoga teacher, supporting youth and adults through awareness, education and action.

Katherine Tucker is the Breathe Project’s self-confessed organising, perfectionist who holds a Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion) with a published mental health promotion resource. She has extensive experience working with youth in character building and career advising, a yoga teacher qualification as well as a passport full of experiences.


They joined me in my Noosa studio with my girlfriend Sarah where they share:

  • Why we all need to learn to breathe better!
  • How the business came to be
  • What being on-purpose feels like
  • What they find hard and easy about being in business
  • How they’ve used crowd-funding to launch and finance their growth
  • How they get in to schools
  • And what marketing works best for them



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with the Breathe Project’s Bodhi & Kat:

  1. Breathe.
  2. Breathe.
  3. Breathe.


Bodhi and Kat Interview Transcription
So Bodhi and Kat welcome to the small business big marketing show.
Bodhi and Kat
Thank. Thank you.
It was awesome that we could be face to face and having this discussion.

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