The secret to working smarter not harder with Your Empire’s Chris Gray | #409

The secret to working smarter not harder with Your Empire’s Chris Gray | #409

Chris Gray owns Your Empire, a property buyer’s agent for the well-healed. After spending the early part of his career working for a global accounting form, he finally made the break to run his own business at the age of 31, when he retired from working for the man, and started to invest in real estate. Before long he started reaping the rewards of those smart money decisions and has never looked back. He’s built a $15M property portfolio of his own, works only a few hours a day, travels the world (for free) often and has pretty much worked out how to work smart, not hard. Plus in episode 409 of your favourite marketing podcast, you’ll discover why too much content is not a great idea, more listeners win big in the Monster Prize Draw, and we check in with Tom O’Toole (Australia’s favourite baker) who’s embarking on one crazy road trip!


“If you go out for coffee with someone for an hour, you build a certain relationship. You go and spend four hours playing golf with them, you build an even better relationship and you breakdown a lot of barriers. You go drinking for 10 to 12 hours on my boat and you break down a lot of barriers!”

-Chris Gray,
Your Empire

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Chris Gray Live Interview


Chatting with Chris Gray who’s built a business that allows him to go on a LOT of holidays every year, travelling Business Class ???

Posted by Tim Reid on Tuesday, March 6, 2018


If you have questions about working smarter and not harder, then you’ll get this answers in this interview, including:

  • Where did the idea for Your Empire come from?
  • How to network effectively?
  • How to make staff love working for you?
  • How to fly free in the pointy end of the plane?
  • Why and how to make marketing fun?
  • And plenty more …

A little bit more about today’s guest

Chris Gray started investing in property at the age of 22. He retired from full time work as an accountant at Deloitte at 31. Now 46, Chris has  $15m+ of property in his personal portfolio; and runs Your Empire, a buyers agency that builds property portfolios for time-poor professionals, just like he did for himself. Your Empire buys 1-2 properties a week, and spends up to $5m a year on renovations for its clients. Chris also hosts the Smart Investing show on Sky News. He travel overseas 10-15 times a year, and is into car racing, motor yachts and flying choppers.

Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Your Empire’s Chris Gray:

    1. I love Chris’s approach to networking where in a room of 100 prospects he’d prefer two deep conversations than 98 shallow ones.
    2. Chris is the master seeder … constantly inserting (quite subtley) points about his business into the conversation.
    3. I think we all need to get out and smell the roses more often. Get an Amex card!

Chris Gray’s Interview Transcription


Well it’s the kind of things that’s probably going to annoy a lot of people. I’m one of those people that go their way. So typically, I go overseas once a month. So I try and do about 10 to 15 trips a year overseas generally business related but I’m doing it with people that I love and love hanging around with. Probably do a couple of interstates and I’ve got a new plan for this year which is basically no meetings in the morning.



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But the marketing gold doesn’t stop there, in this episode you’ll also discover:

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May your marketing be the best marketing.

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