This iconic Australian business has been quietly keeping customers happy for 48 years | #427

This iconic Australian business has been quietly keeping customers happy for 48 years | #427

67 year old Bill Watson is a Noosa legend having sold ice creams and cold drinks on Noosa’s main beach for the past 48 years. How’s that for business longevity?! In this revealing interview, Bill takes us behind-the-scenes of a business most people would kill to own … explaining how it all started, what he’s learnt about people over the journey, his simple approach to customer service, and how he’s embedded himself in the local community.


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A little more about today’s guest, Bill Watson of Hey Bill:

William ‘Hey Bill’ Watson truly is a Noosa icon. With his signature red quad bike and trailers parked beside the Noosa Surf Club, Hey Bill can be found laughing and joking with the dozens of children waiting for a snow cone. Now a thriving business, Hey Bill started with nothing more than a hessian bag of oranges and a dream to live in paradise.

With his car offering beachside accommodation, Hey Bill sold oranges to beachgoers at Tea Tree and Alexandria Bay throughout the summer. “There were more people there than Main Beach in those days,” he explained.

Today, Hey Bill and his bevy of beauties can be found traveling between Noosa Surf Club and the river mouth offering ice-creams, drinks and snow cones. And he’s done that for the past 48-years!


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Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Hey Bill’s Bill Watson:

  1. Be willing to diversify by constantly challenging your business model.
  2. Focus on what you’re good at and what works.
  3. Bill’s positive approach has got him through.
  4. Standing your ground with customers is not a bad thing. They’re not always right, are they?!


But the marketing gold doesn’t stop there, in this episode:

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