World poker champ Chris Sparks’ secrets to high performance in business | #471

World poker champ Chris Sparks’ secrets to high performance in business | #471

Chris Sparks made his mark, in his tracky dacks, on his couch, by becoming a world online poker champion. These days, he’s improved his fashion-sense, and started a successful New-York based business called The Forcing Function. It’ll all become clear in this high-stakes episode 471 of The (award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing Show.


A little bit more about online poker champion and now The Forcing Function’s founder Chris Sparks …

New Yorker Chris Sparks is one of the top online poker players in the world and is now a highly sought-after performance coach for entrepreneurs.

In order to become one of online poker’s most feared competitors, Chris developed a system for acquiring the mindset and habits necessary to become elite in any field.  

So, guess what he does in this chat?

He deconstructs what it takes to become a top performer, and demonstrates how to implement these lessons in your life and business.

These strategies will allow you to uncover your bottlenecks, get clear on your mission, and manage your time and attention more effectively.

And who doesn’t want a bit more than that?!



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with online poker champion Chris Sparks:

  1. I love Chris’s idea about obsessing over your market fit, niching down as much as necessary. Stop trying to be everything to everyone!
  2. I love his idea that the biggest winner does not compete. That being exceptionally helpful to others in your industry can only repay you in spades (excuse the Poker pun!).
  3. And I love the idea of finding time to identify your personal bottlenecks and doing everything you can to remove them. Remove a bottleneck, and everything else moves smoothly through your business.


“Obsess about marketing fit, niching down as many times as necessary. It makes it easy to be the best.”
– Chris Sparks,
The Forcing Function


Chris Sparks Interview Transcription
Chris Sparks welcome to the small business big marketing show.
Honoured to be here Tim thanks.
Chris how does a fellow like you get into online poker?
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