Use Google’s ‘Related Searches’ To Create Helpful Content

Today’s idea is to use Google’s Related Searches which appear at the bottom of the search results page when you perform a search as the basis for creating helpful content.

Basically, it’s Google telling you what people also searched for based on your current search. And it’s a great way to generate relevant content ideas.

So, for example, I just did a search for how do I clean my carpet. I then scrolled to the bottom of the search results page and Google have offered up another eight related searches including how to clean my carpet without a machine and how to steam clean carpet.

Google's predictive search

If I ran a carpet cleaning business, I’d then start creating helpful content that answered these frequently searched questions. Do it well, and you’ll find your website rankings improve exponentially.

There you go, another simple, low cost and effective marketing idea to implement immediately.

So, what have you got to lose?!

[What Have You Got To Lose? is a bite-size segment from the popular Small Business Big Marketing Show, in which host Timbo Reid gives you one simple yet effective marketing idea that you can implement immediately. An idea that won’t cost a fortune (if anything), and that might just generate you more awareness, more enquiry, and ultimately more sales.]



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