#47 What are your customers thinking about you?

#47 What are your customers thinking about you?

In this episode, we speak with Mark Copeman, the Founder of Customer Thermometer, an ingenious real time, customer satisfaction survey tool for small businesses.

PLUS we …

  • … take you behind the scenes of our email marketing efforts, and show you what we’ve done to address a possible issue of list fatigue.
  • … share with you a simple strategy that will lift a serious weight off your shoulders!
  • … wonder whether there’s value in making a big hoo-hah about our upcoming 50th show. Does anyone really care?

Duration: 38 minutes (possibly our shortest episode!)

Small Business Big Marketing – Links & Resources

Two random acts of kindness (AKA how we solved our list fatigue) – Download Tim’s book & join our Academy for just $1

How to create a Facebook Page for your business – Is this the cheapest and best Facebook HOW TO guide going around? We think so.

Freedom Ocean – Tim’s other show ;0)

Duration: 38 minutes

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