What is small business marketing?

A fair question indeed.

Small business marketing is any activity aimed directly at generating an enquiry to a small business.

That activity may be based around five key aspects:

1. Product – What product (or service) can you offer that solves a major problem you’re prospects experience?

2. Price – How can you price it in a way that is attractive to your prospect whilst ensuring you make decent margin or sell lots of them at a low margin?

3. Place – Where can you distribute it so that the maximum amount of prospects have the opportunity to access it?

4. Promotion – How can you promote it in a way that engage your prospects and compels them to take action?

5. People – Who do you need in order to optimise the way your product gets to market?

There’s, of course, many other questions to be asked however the above provides a good start.

And here’s the secrets sauce – small business marketing is all about having lots of balls in the air at one time. Each ball being one marketing initiative. Some will fall to the ground … others will fly. You wont know which will do what until you try – so test and test again.

Is there a difference between small business marketing and big business marketing. Damn right, there is! Big businesses have a load more marketing dollars to spend. All that means is they get to do more things, more often.

Do you need a big stash of money to do great small business marketing? Hell, no!

You just need to be smart, will to give things a go, be patient and never give up. Look at marketing your small business as fun – it will show in your outputs.

And if you’re looking for somewhere to start – some ideas to get you going – then tune in to Australia’s #1 small business marketing podcast  – it’s literally full of hundreds of ideas shared by successful small business marketers.

(Acknowledgement – Thanks a million to Clodagh Higgins from Get Focussed Consulting who suggested we answer this question. Love your work, Clodagh ;0)

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