Why marketing works | #466

Why marketing works | #466

Jeff Swystun who in a previous life was the CMO at Interbrand, and the CCO at DDB Worldwide. He then saw the light, escaped the cubicle and went out on his own to become a consulting CMO to brands wanting to lead. But where it gets interesting is Jeff has just released a book called Why Marketing Works, in which he identifies through a mountain of his own roll-up-the-sleeves research, 7 timeless principles that well and truly prove his thesis. Rest-assured, his 7 principles apply to businesses of all sizes, industries, and types of business, whether you’re selling B2B, B2C or my favourite P2P!


A little bit more about Why Marketing Works author Jeff Swystun …

Jeff acts as a consulting chief marketing officer to leading brands and brands wanting to lead. He loves to solve complex business challenges through branding and marketing. For large branding and marketing engagements, Jeff accesses a network of talented top-tier consulting, agency & design professionals. It is a collective of on-demand experts and implementers that focus on branding and marketing.

His book, Why Marketing Works, won the Publish or Perish writing contest and reached #1 in advertising on Amazon. He hopes that The New Yorker, one day, will publish one of his short stories.


So strap in as Jeff shares:

  • Misconceptions business owners have about marketing
  • Why marketing works!
  • How he researched the book
  • His 7-principles that prove his thesis of why marketing works
  • Plus plenty more business and marketing insights …



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Why Marketing Works author Jeff Swystun:

  1. Use emotion to connect as quickly as possible with your prospects and customers. A great way to do this is to show that you understand the problems they have that you can solve.
  2. Build a community around your brand. In an era where we’re all looking down at a screen way too much, the idea of bringing people together excites the hell out of me.
    ** Awkward conversation time! ** I’ve been pretty hopeless at doing this!
  3. Build relationships – As Jeff said, “We’re all emotional beings looking for relevance, context, and connection.”


Jeff Swystun Interview Transcription


Jeff Swystun welcome to the small business big marketing show.


Yeah. So happy to be here. Thanks for having me on.


Now Jeff as one marketer to another. I would love to know what your definition of marketing is?

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Resources mentioned:


“We’re all emotional beings seeking relevance, context and connection.”
-Jeff Swystun,
Why Marketing Works


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