How to create marketing to attract amazing staff with The Physio Co’s Tristan White.

How to create marketing to attract amazing staff with The Physio Co’s Tristan White.

Tristan White is the founder  and CEO of The Physio Co, which in 2012  was named the 8th Best Place to Work in Australia by BRW magazine. With this award, The Physio Co has been in Australia’s Top 50 Places to Work for 4 consecutive years in it’s 9 year history. And in this fireside chat I have with Tristan he explains exactly how he feels about workplace culture improvement and how to create a strong workplace culture that ensures he attracts and retains the right type of people.

Tristan’s passion is building The Physio Co to have a strong family-like culture.  The simple approach of being honest, treating people with the respect they deserve and doing it all with a smile is working for Tristan and his TPC team.  The Physio Co delivered more than 108,000 physiotherapy visits to Australian aged care residents and grew to more than 55 team members in 2012. Boom!

Tristan loves to share what he’s learnt. His Culture is Everything blog was listed as one of Australia’s 20 Best Business Blogs in 2011 & 2013.

Tristan believes that Culture is Everything to business success.  With his progress so far it seems to be working. Listen in as he spills the beans on how he’s done it; all whilst living down the cost with his wife and daughter.

This interview comes hot on the heals of  episode 137 of the Small Business Big Marketing show in which I chatted to Naomi Simson of Red Balloon who told us how she’s built a business and workplace based on happiness.

PLUS in this episode I share some great marketing discussions that are happening in the Small Business Big Marketing Forum and answer a listener insight in to some marketing one-percenters. Enjoy!


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