10 Creative 404 Error Pages That Will Put A Smile On Your Dial

Don’t you hate it when you click on a link and it says File Not Found.

Infuriating, huh? Soz 🙁

What you’ve stumbled upon is a 404 Error – which means that the webpage you were trying to reach could not be found. Doh!

Like, time is money, right. You’re a busy person. You don’t have time for such annoyances.

Unless of course, the 404 Error page you land on rewards you with some humour, a smile, a pleasant surprise.

And why shouldn’t it? I love it when a business goes that extra one percent and attends to these little marketing touch points with a sense of humour.

Here’s 10 businesses that have gone above and beyond with a creative 404 error page to reward us when we land where we shouldn’t:


1. North Face blame the goat …

funny 404 page


2. iStock Photo blame Jay! And reward you with a sweet 10% discount …

funny 404 page


3. 99Designs lovingly redirect us back Home …

creative 404 pages


4. Dribble keep it simple …

funny 404 page


5. MailChimp keep it on-brand (as usual) with a bit of monkeying around …

funny 404 page


6. Kite Digital rely on the mankini (and when doesn’t a mankini get a laugh?!) …

funny 404 page


7. Soocial have gone down a similar path (of no return!) …

funny 404 page


8. Mint have a bit of online dating fun (I wonder if Justin’s a staff member?) …

funny 404 page


9. Mint continue to put a smile on our dial …

funny 404 page


10. Oh, and then there’s the sheep on the toilet (no one’s owning up to this one 😉 …

creative 404 pages


Do you have a funny 404 Page design? Share it below.

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Then share it below!

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