10 steps to moderate business success with Hotwire Heating’s Luke Chant | #513

10 steps to moderate business success with Hotwire Heating’s Luke Chant | #513

Who’d love 10 steps to moderate business success? You see, not every business owner wants to be the next Zuckerberg. Some are happy building a business that brings them a decent income, and lots of happiness. Host Tim Reid chats with Hotwire Heating’s Luke Chant, who’s done exactly that, and in this episode he shares the 10 things that enabled a moderate level of business success.


A little more about Hotwire Heating’s Luke Chant

Luke Chant owns Hotwire Heating, and the article was titled 10 Steps To Business Success by a Moderately Successful Business Owner. What caught my attention was that Luke acknowledged that not every business owner is trying to be the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. Some of you simply want to make a comfortable living doing something you love. 

In fact, the opening line of Luke’s article reads “My last name is not Gates or Zuckerberg, however, in my last week, my small business passed a fairly significant financial milestone.” Luke then goes on to share 10 actions that lead to this moderate success.

I started off the interview by asking him if he approached everything in life with a level of moderation.

10 steps to moderate business success


Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers from chatting with Hotwire Heating’s Luke Chant

  1. I love the fact that Luke made the effort to share his tips and insights in an article on LinkedIN. Not only has he had good engagement from his followers, it got him an interview on Australia’s #1 marketing podcast … just sayin’! As a side note, and to my point earlier about owning the racecourse and not the racehorse, it would have been a better option for Luke to post that article on his blog, and share it on LinkedIN and other social channels – that way, he’s constantly directing traffic back to his website.
  2. I love Luke’s attitude of just showing up, and continuing to ask for the business. As he said, “What if they say ‘YES’!?”
  3. I love the idea of biting off more than you can chew, then chewing like hell! I’ve heard and seen this so many times over the 11-years I’ve been doing this podcast … past guests like Thankyou’s Daniel Flynn, and Outland Denim’s James Bartle attribute this simple philosophy in large part to their early and ongoing successes.


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Thanks for tuning in. Now get out there and take action.



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