300 – Thankyou’s Daniel Flynn urgently needs our help

300 – Thankyou’s Daniel Flynn urgently needs our help

There are few things that I LOVE more than business courage, and social entrepreneur Daniel Flynn has truck loads of it. This is the third time I’ve chatted with Daniel from Thankyou and he’s embarking on his biggest challenge yet.

Check out this viral video (which he nailed in 1 take) for an explanation.

Now, before we get into the marketing GOLD Dan shares with us, I want you to go over to thankyou.co and buy a book.

If you’ve listened to the last two shows with Daniel Flynn you will know what an inspirational story the Thankyou journey has been. Now let’s talk about business courage. When Thankyou launched they were selling bottled water and bottled water only, going up against some giants in the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) industry. After trying and failing for years to be stocked in Australia’s largest supermarkets they took to social media and asked their tribe to help. And help they did. Thankyou was finally stocked in stores and is outselling their global competitors in some areas.

Now Daniel’s written a book, Chapter One. Of course, this is not your run of the mill book or book launch. This book is literally written the ‘wrong’ way (it’s written in landscape). It also has no recommended retail price, you pay what you want because they aren’t really selling a book, they’re selling an idea.

Tune into this fireside chat as we:

  • Recap the thankyou story.
  • Explore Facebook vs Youtube Video.
  • Talk about how this complex campaign works and the key call to action for the campaign.
  • Talk challenging the conventions of the category you are in and the immense power of courage.

Do not miss this one guys, it is a cracker.






00:24  Welcome & overview
01:10  Guest introduction – Daniel Flynn of Thankyou
01:20  Interview
38:48  Wrap-up






Thankyou Official Site

Daniel’s Book Chapter One

Episode #136 with Daniel Flynn on how to enter a crowded market

Episode #147 with Daniel Flynn with (more) lessons in business courage

Buy Timbo’s new marketing text book The Boomerang Effect






  1. Manage stress by taking a long-term view.
  2. Take one day off everything each week – email, social media, meetings, work discussions. Everything.
  3. Always be thinking about how you can break conventions – challenge the way things are done.
  4. Be resourceful. You don’t need as much money as you think in order to create effective marketing.






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What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from today’s episode?

Leave your comment below.

My guest and I respond to each and every one.



2 thoughts on “300 – Thankyou’s Daniel Flynn urgently needs our help”

  1. Maxine Windram

    Loved this podcast Timbo. Daniel has created something truly amazing, actually making a difference. I think he could teach us all a few things about marketing. Loved how honest and raw he was about his challenges, about getting out of bed each morning and saying no to great media opportunities to have a day to re-energize. He is not scared of growth, that’s for sure. The baby market? Now that’s big marketing and BIG business!

  2. I love Daniel’s willingness to say “No”, too, Maxine. What we say no to, determines what we say yes to. He’s a great fella. And yes, we can learn a lot from him – probs why I’ve had him on the show three times!

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