How a friend’s death inspired a global movement (& business) with 100 Things’ Sebastian Terry | #505

How a friend’s death inspired a global movement (& business) with 100 Things’ Sebastian Terry | #505

100 Things founder Sebastian Terry is on a mission to tick 100 things off a list he wrote the day after his best friend died. Little did he know that that list would change everything, not the least of which was creating a global movement. It’s a ridiculously inspiring episode 505 of The (award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


100 Things founder Sebastian Terry was inspired by the death of his close mate, to ask himself one simple question … “Am I happy?” The answer was “No!”, so he created a list of 100 things that he hoped would help him find happiness. Ten years on, Sebastian could never have imagined the impact that list has had on himself and hundreds of thousands of others. But amazingly, it wasn’t until he’d ticked off 72 things that life really changed. This starter of a global movement is now the star of his own TV show, a published author, a sought-after keynote speaker, and although he’d deny it … an absolute saver of lives. I know you’re going to love this chat as we explore how 100 Things became a global movement, how he’s commercialised it, and the role marketing has played in building the brand. I started off by asking Sebastian to describe his life prior to his best friend dying …

Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers from Timbo’s chat with 100 Things Sebastian Terry

  1. Stop for a moment and acknowledge just how capable you really are.
  2. Ask how you can be of service … amazing things will happen.
  3. Identify where you’re unhappy in your business … then do something about it. Now!


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1 thought on “How a friend’s death inspired a global movement (& business) with 100 Things’ Sebastian Terry | #505”

  1. Great interview. “We underestimate ourselves. We are so capable as individuals, but we stop ourselves.” Seb sounds like a wonderful human, admire his humility, honesty, and his curiosity. Love that he asked you a few questions!

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