Mastering SEO 2024: Leveraging Helpful Marketing for Top Rankings with Harry Sanders | 657

Mastering SEO 2024: Leveraging Helpful Marketing for Top Rankings with Harry Sanders | 657

Episode 657 of the award-winning Small Business Big Marketing podcast reveals the top SEO secrets of 2024. Harry Sanders, Australia’s foremost SEO specialist, explains how helpful marketing can be your game-changer in the aftermath of Google’s pivotal September update. For small business owners aiming for top Google rankings without splurging on ads, this is an episode you can’t afford to miss!


A little more about StudioHawk’s founder Harry Sanders …


If you’re a long time listener of this podcast, Harry Sanders requires no introduction.

If you’re new. Firstly, welcome. Thanks for dropping by.

Secondly, Harry’s Australia’s leading authority on SEO. He’s the founder of StudioHawk – Australia’s most awarded SEO agency. He started Hawk Academy – Australia’s best DIY SEO resource for small business owners. 

Plus he has deep connections into all things Google.

So strap in in as Harry explains what the September 2023 Google update means for your business. Hint. Create online content that helps your precious customers make an informed purchase decision.

He also explains the importance of EEAT, standing for  experience, expertise, authority & trust.

He takes us through Google’s new SGE – Search Generative Experience.

And to top things off, he shares some digital PR case studies that are getting solid backlinks for StudioHawk clients.

And BTW, if you’re not a StudioHawk client, but you like the idea of being and staying on page one for key search terms, then check-out for Harry’s exclusive listener package.

I start off by asking Harry how us small business owners should think about SEO.



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