From the Kardashian’s Doorstep to Aerial Banners: The Unconventional Marketing Genius of Shhh Silk’s Olivia Carr | 656

From the Kardashian’s Doorstep to Aerial Banners: The Unconventional Marketing Genius of Shhh Silk’s Olivia Carr | 656

Who doesn’t love unconventional marketing ideas? Olivia Carr of Shhh Silk does. When it comes to marketing her business, Olivia Carr is all about out-of-the-box-thinking. How out of the box? Like … she flew to LA from Australia, hired a car and drove to the Kardashians house and left them some product! It’s an all-systems-go episode 656 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


A little more about Shhh Silk’s founder Olivia Carr …


Righto, at this point I normally rabbit on about supporting the work I do for small business by joining my Membership over at  But I have something so much more important to share with you, especially if you’re looking for new and effective ways to put your business on the map OR simply if you want to add more fun to your marketing.

Olivia Carr is the founder of Shhh Silk. An online / offline business that sells silky things that help you sleep – eye masks, pillow cases, etc. It’s turning over around $2M a year and has seven staff. But that’s not important right now.

What is important is the way she goes about building the business, through fun, Guerilla-type marketing ideas. And she has plenty.

From driving right up to the front door of the Kardashian’s house unannounced, to flying a plane towing a promotional banner over the Melbourne Cup, Olivia is a huge believer of out-of-the-box thinking. 

Her mantra is to do what other business owners aren’t willing or haven’t even thought about doing. That’s where the clear air is.

Now, a couple of things to note … Olivia has written a book called Self Made which you’ll hear referenced a few times, plus she’s endured a troubled upbringing, postnatal depression, and she’s a fellow sufferer of anxiety … all of which we touch on in the early stages of this very personal chat.

If you are doing it tough, or you are triggered by any of this discussion, then please talk to a friend, or call your local support service which in Australia is Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Let’s go meet Olivia Carr.



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