339 – Kent and Lime’s Take On Personalisation Maybe Changing The Way We Shop Forever

339 – Kent and Lime’s Take On Personalisation Maybe Changing The Way We Shop Forever

Personlisation and customised retail experiences are becoming more than a trend, they’re fast becoming a demand. This week’s guest, Will Rogers from Kent and Lime is certainly riding the personalisation wave. He’s come up with a way that just might change the way we shop … forever

I’m an absolute shocker when it comes to clothes shopping. It causes me all sorts of discomfort and anxiety.

Fortunately, Will Rogers is on a mission to change the way men shop and pay for clothes. Will Rogers is the founder of a retail experience called Kent and Lime, which provides men with a personalised clothing selection delivered to their door. Which is kind of a exciting as it means no more visits to busy shopping centres!

Will’s got 15 years experience working in fashion retail in both the UK and Australia, so clearly he’s a well dressed kind a fellow. He’s also a customer experience junkie, and on the look out for new ways to engage with and delight his customers.

In this episode of your favourite marketing podcast we cover plenty of ground including:

Yep, you guessed it, another big episode, so let’s get stuck, right in.





00:00  Two marketing insights
00:44  Teaser
01:17  Welcome & overview
06:04  Today’s guest introduction – Will Rogers
07:35  Interview with Will Rogers
42:30  Insights into  WebCentral & Key Person of Influence
44:44  My Top 3 Attention Grabbers from my chat with Will Rogers
46:26  What Have You Got To Lose? #5
49:26  Wrap-up and an insight in to both a past guest & next week’s guest





  1. Personalisation. There’s no doubt that the more you can personalise any aspect of your business, the stickier it will be with your customers. We all love to feel as if someone (whether it’s a business or a person) is talking directly to us. That’s exactly what I try to do with this podcast too!
  2. Facebook Ad Groups. I really liked how Will has someone working full time on Facebook ads, creating and testing and tweaking group after group.
  3. Attention to detail. I loved how the items of clothing aren’t just all piled into the box and despatched. Instead, they’re arranged strategically with the shirt in the jacket, the sox in the shoes. Where could you be paying more attention to detail in your business? And what’s stopping you?





Kent & Lime’s official website


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What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode?

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2 thoughts on “339 – Kent and Lime’s Take On Personalisation Maybe Changing The Way We Shop Forever”

  1. Murray Raeburn

    Hey Timbo,

    Great interview with Will at Kent & Lime. I think it’s a really interesting business idea, especially in the competitive fashion retail space. Most of all, I liked Kent & Lime’s relentless focus on the customer and understanding their needs. You could see how this then directs product development through their ability to personalise the offer and improve the overall experience. Since listening this episode I’ve ordered my first box! Cant wait to see what i get. True to his word, Will reached out to me to say welcome and seek feedback- awesome effort!

    P.S- I let Will know I heard about the business through SBBM and he said a few people have mentioned your show. Nice one Timbo, you must have huge reach these days. Hope that also means a free K&L box for you!


  2. Wow, thanks for the feedback, Murray. I’m wrapt to hear Will called you. And thanks for letting him know you hear about them on my show. Happy days!

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