356 – Huxtaburger’s Daniel Wilson on how sharing your knowledge can build you a tribe.

356 – Huxtaburger’s Daniel Wilson on how sharing your knowledge can build you a tribe.

Daniel Wilson is a chef and co-founder of Huxtaburger, my favourite burger joint (everything in moderation , of course ;0). Huxtaburger is a very understated burger brand that’s in 5 quality locations around my hometown of Melbourne.

A mighty fine Huxtaburger

There’s a couple of things I love about the Huxtaburger brand – one is in its marketing. Specifically, Daniel has written a recipe book that step-by-step explains exactly how to make the world’s best burger. So, in theory, you could follow all his instructions and go in to direct competition. In theory.

Listen in as we cover some serious marketing ground including:

  • What makes Huxtaburger more than just another burger joint
  • How Daniel and his friends went from working as chefs to opening their own restaurant
  • Daniel’s personal philosophy of doing what you love – whether that’s cooking food you love or using your passions otherwise
  • How Huxtaburger’s name and classic menu came to be
  • The unique challenges and benefits of starting a franchise
  • How Huxtaburger’s new brand refresh focuses the company on diversity
  • Why Daniel wrote a book, The Huxtaburger Book, with the secrets to making a perfect burger
  • The reason your brand experience is so important to creating an emotional attachment with customers

But that’s not all. In this episode of your favourite marketing podcast …

As per usual, there’s marketing G.O.L.D. dripping from the ceiling over at Small Business Big Marketing’s HQ … So let’s get stuck … right in.






00:00  Two marketing insights
00:48  Teaser
01:16  Welcome & overview
02:56  Insights into The Small Business Outsourcing Tour to the Philippines
03:54  Introduction to a new segment
04:25  New segment: Life Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!
05:53  Today’s guest introduction – Daniel Wilson
07:36  Interview with Daniel Wilson
41:26  Insights into Cornerstone Business Solutions
42:41  My Top 3 Attention Grabbers from my chat with Daniel Wilson
44:02  What Have You Got To Lose: How to create super-sized customer testimonial
46:46 Wrap-up and an insight in to both a past guest & next week’s guest





  1. Cook what you love.” Do what you love. If you’re not doing what you love in your business, either hire someone else to do it, get rid of it, or get over it.
  2. He’s never spent a cent on advertising. The marketing landscape has changed significantly – advertising is absolutely a small component part of marketing, and there are many other ways you can promote your business.
  3. Share that mountain of knowledge you’re standing on! Express your opinions, share your knowledge, become the opinion leader. Sell the experience and don’t worry about keeping secrets.





Huxtaburger’s official website

Voxer – The productivity tool Dale shares in Life Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Dale Beaumont’s 52 Ways live event






Dale Beaumont’s 52 Ways Workshop
Quite Simply, The Best One-Day Business Workshop, EVER.






What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode?

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2 thoughts on “356 – Huxtaburger’s Daniel Wilson on how sharing your knowledge can build you a tribe.”

  1. Hey Timbo, yet another great interview. I really like Daniel’s candid approach to the way they do business. Also like the addition of Dale’s productivity tool as well. Will be giving it a go.

  2. Thanks for the kind feedback, Daniel. Yes, Daniel’s candidacy is refreshing – too many business owners shy away from being like that. And agree, Dale’s new segment is solid … he has some great tools coming up, as well. Be sure to book a free seat or two at one of his upcoming events at http://www.52ways.biz

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