6 Podcasting Tips To Get You Started On Your Journey

Starting a podcast is a lot easier and cheaper than you think.

Here’s 6 podcasting tips to get you started:

1. Be clear on your why. If you know why you’re doing it then hitting record each time becomes a breeze. Why do I podcast? Because I love to see small business owners succeed.

2. Get clear on your desired outcome. What do you want from podcasting? Maybe it’s increased website traffic, a healthier personal brand, sponsorship revenues, or maybe you just want an outlet for your thoughts.

3. Clarify your editorial mission. This is a simple statement that helps you decide what to cover in your podcast, and is made up of three questions. What do you have to offer? To who? And what outcome can they expect? My editorial mission for The Small Business Big Marketing Show is marketing tips & tricks for service-based business owners to increase enquiry.

4. Commit to an episode per week for six months. There’s actually no magical number of episodes you must create (nor an exact length per episode), however, I’m a strong believer in setting an expectation amongst your audience, and then sticking to it. I see too many podcasters start off strong and then give up after a month. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was your audience.

5. Outsource all things technical. Focus on creating a great show and get others (budget allowing) to do the rest – editing, equipment purchasing, writing and recording of intro and outro etc).

6. Start! Seriously. Just start. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect. It never is. Aim for production over perfection. I look back to episode 1 of my show and cringe. But now with hundreds of episodes under my belt, I couldn’t be prouder.

But we all improve over time. Right?! Make mistakes. Learn from them. And keep moving forward.

Which tip resonates most with you?

What’s stopping you from creating a podcast?

2 thoughts on “6 Podcasting Tips To Get You Started On Your Journey”

  1. Matt Harriden

    Hi Tim

    I would really like to start a podcast for my plumbing maintenance company to try and become the key person of influence in my industry but am having trouble with finding the reason why anyone would want to listen to an audio about blocked drains and leaky taps. What are your thoughts on podcasting on industries where people don’t care about it until they need it?


    Matt Harriden

  2. Shopkeeper Marketing

    I know you were asking Timbo, but I had an idea for you. How about getting with some other trades and hosting a weekly show about home maintenance. You could offer a short program that gave home owners reminders to perform certain maintenance items and a how to for the most difficult ones. Your business could have a short sponsorship message with each episode. I would say that some peoe would listrn to a 10-15 min episode to keep their home in tip-top shape. After you have a few weeks of episodes posted, send a press release to your local media to let them know that this free service exists.

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