#38 Our 7 Top Marketing Initiatives Of 2010

#38 Our 7 Top Marketing Initiatives Of 2010

Lukeee in deep contemplation about to record this show. Why look so worried?!

What…no guest! Never mind, we still manage to fill around 40 minutes with small business marketing drivel (we mean ideas!). This time they’re our ideas…our top 7 in fact that performed the best for our various businesses over the past 12-months. We also share our thoughts on what we can learn from U2 as a well-oiled marketing machine…Yellow Pages have responded to our interview with them…Tim talks about key take-outs from the Small Business Big Marketing Intensive…and we reveal our guests for our next show. Oh…and Lukeee finally reveals the website he purchased a few months ago. About bloody time!

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The Small Business Big Marketing Academy – Join before December 31, 2010 and save.

$20 Banner Ads – Yep, $20 banners!

Audacity – Free podcast recording software.

Small Business Big Marketing Facebook Fan Page – Tell us what you really think!

Cha-Ching! – Tim’s best selling marketing book chock-full of marketing ideas for small business owners

4 thoughts on “#38 Our 7 Top Marketing Initiatives Of 2010”

  1. Great tips for sure – now just for me to do something worthwhile to get on your show!!

    I think that you should add Gary Vaynerchuk to your list of people to interview!

  2. Great suggestion Michael. I know someone who knows him too! Thanks mate. Email me through this site and I’ll send you a copy of my book for that kind thought.

  3. Great podcast you guys, it’s so great that i listened to the whole thing at 4 am in the morning. Just wondering, have you guys done a podcast on affiliate marketing? Also, i was curios about the banner ads through google adwords. It’s been a long time since google bought out double click to be able advertise using banners on other websites on not just text banners. But, I was interested to know how well that campaign really went. Finally, this is my second podcast that i’ve listened with you guys and on both of them you guys have mentioned google adwords. Have you guys played around with MSN adcentre or Facebooks ads.

  4. We haven’t done a podcast on affiliate marketing as yet, although we’ve made mention of it in a few episodes.

    I’ve had some success with banner ads – particularly placement targeting. That’s probably something we’ll cover in The Academy http://sbbmacademy.com

    I’ve done some Facebook PPC with varying success – also trying out LinkedIn which seems to be a little on the expensive side.

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