90 Motivational Quotes for Business Owners

“I was so inspired by Powderfinger and their work ethic … they were a huge democracy. They were always doing meetings, they were just on to it all the time.”
– Lachy Doley

Source: Jimmy Barnes’s keyboard player Lachy Doley on how to make a living from the cut-throat music industry | 485


Source: How publishing a book can scale your business, with business book publisher Lyda Mclallen | #484


“Persistence needs to be a priority. It needs to show up in your calendar.”
– Stu Heinecke, Get the Meeting!

Source: How to get a meeting with anyone with Wall Street Journal cartoonist Stu Heinecke (his process is mind-blowing!)| #482


“I love taking a 360 degree view of a business and its needs in order to come up with the very best licensing opportunities.”
– Shane Yeend, Imagination

Source: The rights to the Hollywood sign are owned by an Australian | #481


“In today’s conversation about single-use plastics and going plastic-free, too often plastics are all tarred with the same brush. It’s not plastic that’s the problem, it’s how we use it.”
– Abigail Forsyth, KeepCup

KeepCup founder Abigail Forsyth on Small Business Big Marketing with Tim ReidSource: KeepCup creator Abigail Forsyth on building a business around reusing (not recycling)| #480


“Leverage your audience to grow your show. Engage with your fans, respond to all their messages. Build one-on-one interactions, and constantly seek feedback.”
– Cooper Silk, RadioHub

Podcasting tips for 2020 and beyond with RadioHub founder Cooper SilkSource: Podcasting tips for 2020 and beyond with RadioHub founder Cooper Silk | #479


How to crowdfund your idea with Flow Hive’s Cedar AndersonSource: This record-breaking crowdfunding campaign changed Flow Hive’s Cedar Anderson life forever | #478


Source: Being on-purpose is masseur to the stars, Kym Power’s secret success formula | #477


Source: A crippling illness hasn’t stopped Surefire Boards Mick Slattery from wanting to build a global surf brand | #476


Source: Imagine making a living from teaching breathing … The Breathe Project’s Bodhi & Kat do! | #475


“We’re heavily focussed on maintaining strong customer service … growth and expansion as well .. but we have a real focus on keeping and maintaining that quality of service.”
– Scott Hunt, Fitness Enhancement

It’s taken Scott Hunt 20 methodical years to build Australia’s biggest mobile personal training businessSource: The secret to building Australia’s largest personal training business with Fitness Enhancement’s Scott Hunt | #474


“There has never been a better time to use video production to reach your audience. Professional corporate videos attract attention, engage the audience, build trust, and convert.”
– Geoff Anderson, Sonic Sight

Source: How to get your business videos seen with Sonic Sight’s Geoff Anderson | #473


“Publicity has been by far and away our best source of creating brand awareness and generating leads.”
– Connor Reynolds, Snackwize

Snackwize founder Conor Reynolds thinks it’s time we all ate better at work. So he’s created a business that helps us do exactly that.Source: Snackwize founder Conor Reynolds on building a healthy business | #472


“Obsess about marketing fit, niching down as many times as necessary. It makes it easy to be the best.”
– Chris Sparks, The Forcing Function

World poker champ Chris Sparks’ secrets to high performance in businessSource: World poker champ Chris Sparks’ secrets to high performance in business | #471


“In those early days, I was working out of a food court near Silicon Valley!”
– Melanie Perkins, Canva

Melanie Perkins, the co-founder and CEO of the online design juggernaut Canva, might be introverted but still loves jumping out of her comfort zone.Source: Canva’s Melanie Perkins on how she’s built a brand valued at $3.6 billion | #470


“We don’t need to keep growing. We’re just two individuals and we did make a decision to slow things down. And that’s when things really took off!”
– Loz Williams, Will and Bear

Will and Bear founders Loz and Alex slowed things down and watched their little hat empire experience triple-digit growth year on yearSource: How to slow down and build an empire, with hat entrepreneurs Loz and Alex | #468


The E Myth’s Michael Gerber explains how to take a company of one to a company of one thousand.Source: The E Myth’s Michael Gerber on how to build an extraordinary business | #467


“We’re all emotional beings seeking relevance, context and connection.”
– Jeff Swystun, Why Marketing Works

Why marketing works is cleverly explained in this entertaining chat between Australia’s leading marketing podcaster Tim Reid and marketing author Jeff Swystun.Source: Why marketing works | #466


“I’m like a butterfly about to break out of its cocoon and it friggin hurts and it’s uncomfortable. But I can see really good things will come out of this (brand refresh) and I can see that happening already.”
– Katherine Maslen, Shift

How to avoid charging by the hour with this clever monthly membership modelSource: This world-first healthcare membership model puts an end to charging by the hour | #465


“My tips for starting a business? Trust your gut, it’s usually right. Work to your strengths and outsource your weaknesses, don’t stick your head in the sand on important things like accounting. Know what you are and aren’t, don’t try to be everything to everyone. Define your brand and stick to it!”
– Victoria Beattie, The Beach People

Round beach towel creator Victoria Beattie on success and lifeSource: 120,000 round beach towels later, co-creator Victoria Beattie shares her secrets to running a very chilled business | #464


“Seriously … hire good people. Business is a team sport.”
– Carl Hartmann, Serial Entrepreneur

Serial entrepreneur Carl Hartmann on how to successfully grow and scale a businessSource: Serial entrepreneur Carl Hartmann on how to successfully grow and scale any business | #463


“Be more interested in your community and not in buying a new pair of shoes!”
– Robbie Bell, City Larder

Robbie Bell wholesales pates and terrines to businesses around the country, whilst maintaining a 5-star service level he learnt in fancy restaurants.Source: Bringing 5-star restaurant service to a wholesale business with City Larder’s Robbie Bell | #462


Source: 10 Facebook advertising tips for small businesses on a tight budget | #461


How a resource-poor business is having huge success with its range of non-alcoholic spiritsSource: How a small, resource-poor business is conquering the world with a range of non-alcoholic spirits | #460


“We’ve delivered four light years of parcels or thirty times to the sun and back!”
– James Chin-Moody, Sendle

How to make a boring service interestingSource: How to make a boring service interesting with Sendle founder James Chin-Moody | #459


Business Manager Nigel Morris added podcasting to his must-do marketing activities and it lead to 10X growth. Here's how to use podcasting to grow your business.Source: How a podcast contributed to 10X growth for a small solar energy business | #458


How to create extremely personalised online marketingSource: Extremely personalised online marketing helps a 24 year-old vintage watch geek turn-over $2.3M per annum | #457


“We all need to power down before we power back up.”
– Ray Good, The Good Place

Ray Good from The Good Place on Small Business Big MarketingSource: How mindfulness changed Ray Good’s business (and personal) life for good | #456


Tradie underwear founder Ben Goodfellow on Small Business Big Marketing ShowSource: How to make your brand a household name | #455


“It’s OK to look in your rearview mirror …. just don’t stare.”
– Amanda Stevens, Consumer Futurist

Consumer futurist Amanda Stevens on Small Business Big Marketing ShowSource: Consumer futurist Amanda Stevens on how and why epic marketing is the way to go | #454


“Aim for the top. The worst thing that can happen is that they say “NO!””
– Sophie Lovejoy, Sant and Abel

Sant and Abel’s Sophie Lovejoy on Small Business Big Marketing ShowSource: How to get the Kardashians to endorse your product with Sant and Abel’s Sophie Lovejoy | #453


Steve Sims’ explains how Elton John became a client of his businessSource: How to get Elton John as a client | #452


Snotty Noses founder Laura Klein on Small Business Big Marketing ShowSource: Snot! Yes snot! That’s what Laura Klein is building her empire on | #451


Stuart Stanley from RING Jewellers on Small Business Big MarketingSource: How to ignore your competition … even when you’re completely surrounded by them | #450


Sporting legend Matthew Pavlich on Small Business Big MarketingSource: Sporting legend turned entrepreneur Matthew Pavlich is disrupting a very antiquated industry | #449

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