A gift for your clients

I saw this mannequin in a shop the other day. Scary, isn’t she?

She got me thinking about how we present our business to the world.

I remember as a marketing manager of a major retailer I would often get a call from one of my store managers, asking for some marketing ideas.

“Sure, I’ll pop out and see you.”

When I got there, more often than not, the store was poorly presented. Gum in the carpet. Brochure racks empty. Music blaring.

I’d ask the manager to take a look at their store with a customer’s hat on.

It was then that the penny dropped. It was a shambles.

“Even better”, I’d say, “get a customer to take a look at your store and report back!”

So, here’s the thing…get your message right before worrying about where to put it. And a key part of that is in the way you present your business.

Presentation has the word present in it…so think of the way you present your business as a gift to your clients.

Do you agree? What areas of business presentation could you improve on?

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2 thoughts on “A gift for your clients”

  1. I was on a tyre comparison website last night. I thought looking up tyres choices would be easy. Not so. It was a site soooo designed by a tech nerd with no idea of how a users would want to search. I am an experience web user and build my own sites and even i could not figure it out!

    So the same goes for websites – get a ‘typical’ user to use and it and report back. Often the most simple things will stump people, but it needs fixing, so listen and act!

  2. I’ve been visiting stores of some of my friends in the city. And by checking them up, I’ll saw many improvements unlike the moments I was there before. And I ask her who helped her. “Nothing, just customers!” She answered with a smile.

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