A gift for your clients

I saw this mannequin in a shop the other day. Scary, isn’t she?

She got me thinking about how we present our business to the world.

I remember as a marketing manager of a major retailer I would often get a call from one of my store managers, asking for some marketing ideas.

“Sure, I’ll pop out and see you.”

When I got there, more often than not, the store was poorly presented. Gum in the carpet. Brochure racks empty. Music blaring.

I’d ask the manager to take a look at their store with a customer’s hat on.

It was then that the penny dropped. It was a shambles.

“Even better”, I’d say, “get a customer to take a look at your store and report back!”

So, here’s the thing…get your message right before worrying about where to put it. And a key part of that is in the way you present your business.

Presentation has the word present in it…so think of the way you present your business as a gift to your clients.

Do you agree? What areas of business presentation could you improve on?

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