A letter to my listeners #2 …

Dear listener …

How the hell are you?

No seriously, how are you? I sincerely want to know.

You see, I’m of the opinion that we’re all answering this frequently asked question way too off-handedly with the casual throw-away line “Yeah, good thanks.” When, in actual fact, everything may not be that way. (Leave your response in the comments section below).

In this week’s episode of your favourite marketing podcast, Andrew Griffiths and I cover all sorts of topics – creating testimonials, selling tips, servile brands – but one I found particularly poignant was business isolation. The fact that too many small business owners just aren’t getting out enough and simply hanging out with other like-minded individuals. I’ll put my hand up as being guilty of that – we’re all so focussed on getting stuff done, the almighty cash flow, the satisfaction of our clients – that we forget about numero uno. We’ll explore this topic more in future sessions of Funny Business – but for now at least, we’re all aware of the elephant in the room.

On a lighter note, there’s been some marketing comedy gold go through Small Business Big Marketing’s Facebook page. I particularly like this clever use of a testimonial:

Now, for those of you who have a little penchant for awards, and you kind of like what I’m doing with the show, I’d love you long time if you scootered across to the Podcast Awards and nominated this little black duck. The show came runner-up in the Business category last year – so it’s time to step it up a notch. Voting takes 10-seconds but lasts a lifetime ;0) Vote here.

Now, what else we got? Oh yeah, this week’s Tool Of The Week is Screenr. You are gunna love Screenr. It’s a free, simple way to create screen capture videos and share them privately or with the world. I use it all the time to give feedback.  You could do the same, or create product / service reviews, testimonials, turn a slide deck in to a video – just to name a few ideas. Here’s a short Screenr I did which takes you through my website.

Now, given we’ve mentioned testimonials a few times throughout this letter, my Tip Of The Week is a simple way to build your testimonials and your LinkedIn profile at the same time. Watch this short video to find out how.

For those of you scratching your head about how to get your online marketing sorted, our good friends at Netregistry have put together three exclusive packages just for SBBM listeners. Bless ’em! They’re absolute crackers – all aimed at sorting you out with some aspect of getting found online. The Start-Up Package is amazing value – $80 for $750 of value – check all 3 packages out here.

Righto, I reckon that’s about it. Oops, one more thing. I know many of you appreciated the pic of my pooch Charles that I shared in last week’s letter – well, there was someone who didn’t. Atticus. My cat! He tapped me on the shoulder shortly after posting the letter and gave me an ultimatum. Post a pic of him or else! I agreed, but only if he was laughing in the photo ;0)

Have a blindingly good week – and may your marketing take a sharp turn for the better in some way, shape or form.

Cheers …


Timbo Reid
Host of Australia’s #1 Marketing show.