AI for small business: A beginner’s guide with Dr Catriona Wallace | 647

AI for small business: A beginner’s guide with Dr Catriona Wallace | 647

AI for small business. Thanks to ChatGPT launching in November 2022, AI (AKA artificial intelligence) is now on the lips of every small business owner. To find out how we can use AI to our advantage, world leading expert Dr Catriona Wallace joins us to share the good, the bad and the downright ugly. It’s a no holes barred, slightly scary, and definitely artificially intelligent episode 647 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.



A little more about world-leading AI expert Dr Catriona Wallace …


In October 2022, we were all happily going along running and growing our precious businesses. Writing copy, creating content, SEOing, PPCing, recruiting, targeting, selling, pricing and so on. Then in November, ChatGPT launched and AI became the most talked about thing since, well … the Internet itself!

But what really is AI? What types of AI are there? How do they work? Can they be trusted? How can they help your business grow? Should you be scared or excited? Or both? How can you use ChatGPT to your advantage? And what other AI applications are out there? So many questions!

Fortunately, today’s special guest, Dr Catriona Wallace is a world-leading AI expert. She’s also a Shark on Network Ten’s hit series Shark Tank. She’s LinkedIN’s top voice on Technology. She’s Chairperson at BOAB AI, a VC firm investing in AI startups. The author of the best selling book Checkmate Humanity. Founder of the Responsible Metaverse Alliance. An advocate for the psychedelic renaissance. And she’s the mother of five.

You honestly could ask for a better person to help us navigate this brave new artificially intelligent world.

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I started off by congratulating Dr Catriona Wallace on her Shark Tank success.



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