Bellroy founder Andy Fallshaw attributes just one word to his brand’s success | #536

Bellroy founder Andy Fallshaw attributes just one word to his brand’s success | #536

You know how sometimes you meet your heroes and you leave disappointed? Well, today is not one of those times. Andy Fallshaw is the founder of Bellroy Wallets, a brand I absolutely love. And meeting him was anything but a let down. Andy is one of the smartest marketers going around, so get your pen and paper well and truly ready, Team as he really does share some insightful thinking. It’s a mind-expanding, wallet-shrinking episode 536 of The (11 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


A Little More About Bellroy’s Andy Fallshaw…

OK, time for a bit of fanboying!

Today’s guest is Andy Fallshaw, the founder of Bellroy, a wallet brand I’ve loved (and been buying) for years now.

I love his products, I love the brand he’s created and I love how he’s gone about marketing it.

So it was no surprise when he told me that in the brand’s first 10 years it’s sold millions of products to 120 countries every month, he’s got 90 staff working locally plus tens more overseas, and only two years ago they struck a partnership with Google that took the business to a whole other level.

There’s a lot to love about what Andy shares with us today, including why he launched 9 businesses before arriving at the one he loved. 

But the part of our chat I love the most is how he’s identified one word, just one word, that drives everything he does to grow the business.

Now, before launching Bellroy, Andy held a dream job at the global surf brand Rip Curl, so I started off by asking him how that influenced what he’s doing now …


Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers

  1. I love his idea around creating immersive experiences that really get your customers paying attention to what you’re doing.
  2. I love Andy’s idea around creating a campfire around which your people can gather. He did through his Carryology blog …. I’ve done this through my Facebook Tribe …. What’s your campfire?
  3. And I love, love, love how he’s come up with one word in carry to summarise everything that the Bellroy brand represents. Do you have a word for your business?

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Thanks for tuning in. May your marketing be the best marketing.



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