Clever marketing ideas have built The Branding Office in to a nice little earner | #535

Clever marketing ideas have built The Branding Office in to a nice little earner | #535

How’s this for a business journey?! Ex TV sports reporter turned radio DJ turned rugby league club CEO turned small business owner Justin Veivers joins us to share how he almost lost it all from a failed franchise system, and how he’s gone to create a business that’s thriving in these infected times! It’s a curious episode 535 of The (11 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


Big Episode Today

  • Ex media personality turned small business owner, Justin Veivers, shares how he’s growing a successful merchandise business.
  • Plus I’ve got some big news on a big guest who’ll be joining us in a few week’s time.


A Little More About The Branding Office’s Justin Veivers …

Justin and his wife own The Branding Office, a promotional merchandise business with two showrooms on the Sunshine Coast.

A business that’s had a pretty damn good year, given what all of us have been through.

But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing, as only a few years back, Justin survived a failed franchise system which cost him dearly.

Leading up to starting his own business, Justin’s had a colorful career working for the man including 12 years as a TV sports presenter, 20 years in radio, 2 years as an agent for a MotoGP rider and 4 years as a CEO of a rugby league club!

So I started off by asking him what made him decide to start his own business?!


Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers

  1. I loved his quote “Small fish are sweet!” As a small business owner it can be easy to ignore the smaller clients … but as we talked about, those small clients can quickly become big ones … and you never know who they know, as well!
  2. I love Justin’s idea around creating a list of his top 100 clients and approaching them directly with a special gift, personalised message and a five dollar note asking them to pay it forward.
  3. I love Justin’s principle around “acting with simplicity”. It’s no surprise that when he loses a job it’s because they’ve tried to over-complicate things. Like he said “Avoid baffling them with bullshit!”



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Thanks for tuning in. May your marketing be the best marketing.



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