357 – How an Ascending Transaction Model makes selling simple

357 – How an Ascending Transaction Model makes selling simple

Like so many businesses, Rebecca Coomes built her business out of a pain point that she was experiencing herself. Her particular pain point – a pain in the gut!

Rebecca Coomes is the founder of The Healthy Gut, where she writes cookbooks and recipes for sufferers of a chronic illness called SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)which is one of the leading causes of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). She is a marketing consultant by day, but that is quickly taking a back seat to her new business, in which she’s become the world’s leading patient expert on SIBO!

I saw Rebecca speak at a KPI event and she absolutely blew me away. Rebecca’s personal journey is interesting in itself, but wait until you hear how two simple marketing strategies have sky-rocketed her business – one’s called the Ascending Transaction Model, and the other one? Good old helpful marketing.

Listen in as we cover some serious marketing ground including:

  • How Rebecca overcame 36 years of chronic illness and unhelpful doctors to start not one but two businesses
  • How she saw an opportunity in the lack of cookbooks for her very strict diet and used her marketing savvy to provide a solution
  • How she went from being a marketing consultant to a world-leading patient expert on SIBO
  • How her passion for cooking has led to changing people’s lives with her content
  • The struggles of self-publishing books, and spreading the word via her website and social media
  • How building strong relationships with key influencers in your field can help get you ahead
  • The importance of networking and attending conferences to make connections and spread your brand
  • How she gets her foot in the door, with customers and experts alike
  • How the combination of an ascending transaction model and the creation of helpful content has grown her business exponentially

But that’s not all. In this episode of your favourite marketing podcast:

As per usual, there’s marketing gold dripping from the ceiling over at Small Business Big Marketing’s HQ… So let’s get right in.





00:00  Insight in to Cornerstone
01:01  Teaser
01:22  Welcome & overview
03:15  Life Just Got a Whole Lot Easier with Dale Beaumont
05:54  Today’s guest introduction – Rebecca Coomes
07:31  Interview with Rebecca Coomes
36:48  Insights into Cornerstone Business Solutions
38:16 My Top 3 Attention Grabbers from my chat with Rebecca Coomes
49:48  How to make sure your content is “Stayin’ Alive”!
53:00 Wrap-up and an insight in to both a past guest & next week’s guest





  1. Create an Ascending Transaction Model – draw it at the end of this show. What can you give away for free in exchange for an email address, and then figure out your product for prospects and your core product offering.
  2. Helpful marketing works! Just ask Rebecca. If you’re not building your profile by sharing your knowledge then start. If you don’t know how, then read my book The Boomerang Effect.
  3. Partner with influencers. Once you’ve started to build a treasure chest of helpful content that will get you past the Dobermans, then start knocking on influencers’ doors, with the aim of having them help promote your products and services. This is a classic partnership strategy on which there is a whole 60-minute webinar presented by KPI’s Glen Carlson inside The Small Business Big Marketing Club.





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Hotjar – Website analytics and feedback

5 Tips to get past the dobermans (I mean gatekeepers)

What Have You Got To Lose – 3-Steps To Becoming A Business That Makes A Difference






Dale Beaumont’s 52 Ways Workshop
Quite Simply, The Best One-Day Business Workshop, EVER.






What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode?

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2 thoughts on “357 – How an Ascending Transaction Model makes selling simple”

  1. Thanks Timbo/Rebecca.. There was a lot of value in this message, I had to listen to it twice, once in the car and then in my office so I could take notes. Thank again… I love the guts and inspirational big picture (own your own resort)…

  2. Thanks Rport … I love to hear people sometimes listen twice! And I agree, Rebecca’s big picture is inspirational.

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