Be relevant … and Google will love you.

I heard a world expert on SEO speak just two days ago. He gave some amazing (AKA technical) tips and tricks to getting your website to page one of Google.

He seriously knew his stuff…and he even wore his mobile phone on his belt – which says to me that he is the geek’s geek. (I mean this in the most loving way!).

Then, just yesterday, I read a press release from Google on the same topic ie. How to get to page 1 of Google.

It was far less geeky….and hit me right between the eyes. here’s how I’d summarise it:

  1. Create high-quality sites
  2. Use original content
  3. Write in-depth content
  4. Be helpful!

Isn’t that beautiful? It’s like jumping in to a cool ocean on a 40-degree day.

And our experinec with Small Business Big Marketing is exactly that. Whilst we’ve done some SEO, Lukeee and I focus on creating relevant content. And guess what Google thinks of us?






So, should you SEO the living bejesus out of your site or write for humans. What’s your poison?

2 thoughts on “Be relevant … and Google will love you.”

  1. I like it, Tim.

    That’s a really, really helpful way of saying it. Focus on people first, and the “SEO” will take care of itself to a large extent.

    I remember pissing off a number of SEO people on the forums over 5 years ago when I asserted that humans are all that really matter. I tried to argue that SEO should really be thought of as HRO (human reader optimisation):

    In the example you’ve used for “small business marketing” above, it also helps heaps that the keywords are in your domain name. Have you looked at where you’re ranked for some other related terms?

  2. Have you checked out ABC’s show ? They take millionaires and have them volunteer and meet dealing local people who are creating a difference in their community and reward them with thousands of dollar of their own.

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