303 – How to Become a Professional Public Speaker and Build Your Speaking Business

303 – How to Become a Professional Public Speaker and Build Your Speaking Business

This episode the tables are turned. Previous guest Melissa Maker from Clean My Space interrogates me on how I started my speaking business and the real nuts and bolts on how to become a professional public speaker.

In this episode we’ll dive deep on how to become a professional public speaker and build your speaking business, we cover:

  • How I started in marketing and in public speaking
  • The pro’s and cons of employing an agency (or a speaker’s bureau)
  • How I construct a keynote presentation
  • Why I employed two stand up comedians to help me hone my skills
  • How and why I’ve delivered the same keynote over 150 times
  • The technical AV gear I use and recommend.
  • What you need to spend money on if you’re serious about making money with public speaking
  • What is a showreel and why it’s so important
  • Some tips on building your showreel
  • Why I make friends with AV guys
  • How to find out what to charge for a speaking gig
  • How to prepare for a speaking gig
  • The ‘1 per centers’ that I have incorporated into my speaking business
  • We also discussed my most challenging gig and how to roll with the punches

Also, some exciting news about Thankyou’s Chapter 1 Campaign and I’ll let you in on my experiences in getting some new headshots, let me say I have a whole new appreciation for models.

Yep, it’s a pretty big show, so pen and paper at the ready as you listen to this week’s episode of Australia’s top small business marketing show.

So let’s get stuck, right in.







00:28  Welcome & overview
02:40  Check-In
07:15  Guest introduction – Me! Tim Reid of timreid.com.au
08:18  Interview – Part 1
28:45  Insights into Netregistry & Key Person Of Influence
31:14  Interview – Part 2
01:12:49  Marketing Quote
01:13:30  Wrap-up & insights into next week’s guest






My official speaking website

Marketing speaker Tim Reid’s showreel

Clean My Space official website

Clean My Space official YouTube channel

My first interview with Melissa Maker back in episode 197 on creating helpful video marketing

My second interview on how to build a successful youtube channel in episode 295

Episode 300 with Thankyou founder Daniel Flynn on challenging industry conventions and industry giants

Buy Timbo’s new marketing text book The Boomerang Effect







  1. Craft your keynote – get that content down and find out how to deliver it in a really engaging way.
  2. Start looking at other speakers to see how they are doing it. Pull out the good and the bad and figure out how to own your own space.
  3. You’ve got to spend money, speaker’s website, showreel,  stylist, graphic designer.






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Rosabeth Kanter once said …

“It takes as much metal energy to dream small as it
does to dream big, so …you might as well dream big!”







What was your biggest marketing learning pr ah-ha moment from today’s epsidoe?

Leave your comment below.

My guest and I respond to have and every one.

16 thoughts on “303 – How to Become a Professional Public Speaker and Build Your Speaking Business”

  1. Great episode Timbo. Melissa is a natural at this! You shared so much here – even your fees! Timbo I have now heard your keynote twice – AAP Queenstown and Marketing Bootcamp Sydney – both great. Have you thought of having a second keynote – thus encouraging repeat business. Or would that be too much?

  2. Thanks Steve. A second keynote is in development. That said, as I always say to myself, the Rolling Stones are still playing Satisfaction ;0) That said, I am working on it, and aim to have something new later this year.

  3. Tracy Hooper

    Tim, what a great episode idea…and how kind of you to share all you know about Public Speaking, Melissa did a nice job of asking the questions we all want to know. My take-aways: Less is More (“Keep removing words until it stops making sense.”) Get grounded in the room. Touch every chair. Greet the guests. If there is a conversation with a story, ask, “Where’s Emma? Emma, may I share the story we chatted about?” That makes her a mini celebrity and shows that you relate to the client’s world. Text the client when you land. Check AV 2-hours ahead. Praise and thank the AV guys. They are our best friends in the speaking world and in my experience, as a TV news woman, photographers, editors and AV folks are smart, work well under pressure and want the speaker to do well. They are on our side! Phew, so many learnings. Great episode. THANK YOU.

  4. Thanks for the summary, Tracy. #Brilliant! What you’ve so clearly identified is all those little things that can make such a big difference. Those one-percenters that make us look like true professionals. Thanks for sharing and for listening in.

  5. Jess Jones - Soar Collective

    Thanks so much Tim, this was a fantastic episode. Certainly a lot of gold and I appreciated your honesty. Thanks to Melissa too, a great show. I’ve taken lots of notes and will listen again to ensure I haven’t missed anything!


  6. My pleasure, Jess. And thanks for leaving your thoughts. A true motivated small business owner is Jess Jones 🙂

  7. Timbo, great episode! As an AV Technician for my production company Amplify This 200 Productions, I love that you mentioned that you “Make Friends” with us AV operators. I for one love to work closely with any performer, musician, speaker etc who utilises my service. This allows myself and other AV technicians to better understand what you require of us, and if we need to be aware of any details you require us to assist with.

    Your podcasts are great, look forward to one day having my team look after your shows.

    P.S those Country Man headset mics are the best, couple them with a Sennheiser wireless transmitter and receiver, you will have no audio problems 😉

  8. Thanks Jonathan. You guys are mission critical to a successful keynote. Be sure to leave a Listener review on iTunes at some point 🙂

  9. Michael Parnell

    Very, very good episode Timbo. It is great to hear you interviewed and Melissa did a very nice job too. A long episode that flew by very quickly as the conversation and topics were all precise and relevant. I enjoy all your episodes.

  10. This was absolutely brilliant Timbo – it was great to finally hear about Timbo. I have just finished listening to this podcast and will be listening to it again on my trip home. The biggest thing I got from it… #Inspiration!

  11. Paul Nieuwenhuys

    Awesome episode Tim
    Thank you very much, got some great tips.
    Will be using some for my upcoming roundtable.
    Melissa was a pleasure to listen to, loved the way she drilled you for info!
    Cheers, Paul.

  12. Paul Farina

    I’ve saved this episode and plan to use it as a blue print for building my public speaking experience. Great stuff as always tim!

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