Boost sales & bust customer churn with this stupidly simple (and fun) customer-engagement hack | #496

Boost sales & bust customer churn with this stupidly simple (and fun) customer-engagement hack | #496

Who knew boosting sales, smashing customer churn, and increasing customer engagement could be this simple?

It may sound a bit unbelievable but wait till you hear what today’s guest has to share.


Bonjoro founder, Matt Barnett, takes us through how he came up with the video marketing hack he used to convert leads for his tech startup, which ultimately failed. But his simplistic way of reaching out to leads, later on, gave rise to Bonjoro. And the rest, as they say, is history.


The self-titled Papa Bear of Bonjoro emphasises that a lot of things that happened were unexpected and started in the most unlikely places. Matt shares with us three high-converting video sales funnels you can use to get immediate results.


Tune in to get those little gold nugget insights to spur on some creativity!

About today’s guest Matt Barnett


Matt Barnett is the founder of Bonjoro, a customer engagement app that enables you to send short personalised videos to a customer’s email or phone number. Matt was a surfer from the U.K. who moved to Australia when he was 26. Being an industrial designer, he is very much in tune with his creative side. His team members even get to design their own bear onesies that they can wear during meetings.


Connect with Matt Barnett through:

Matt Barnett’s LinkedIn

Bonjoro’s website

Bonjoro’s Facebook

What we discussed in episode 496


  • A brief recount of what sparked the idea for Bonjoro
  • Matt talks about getting picked up by big companies
  • Matt shares the problem with chasing perfection
  • Getting popular in a niche he didn’t expect
  • How they came up with a French-sounding name and a bear as part of their brand
  • The Bonjoro culture …. a bear onesie-wearing team that’s a tech company at heart
  • Their most effective marketing channels
  • Matt tells us how Bonjoro works
  • How to effectively use Bonjoro in conversion, activation, and growth funnels
  • Matt talks about overcoming camera shyness
  • How offline businesses use Bonjoro
  • Matt shares the importance of saying thanks to customers
  • Matt tells us about the new upcoming features for version 2 of Bonjoro

Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers


Here’s what grabbed my attention from chatting with Matt …

  1. I love how Matt experiments with a multitude of marketing channels and has now focused on three that he knows delivers the results he’s looking for.
  2. I love the question Matt posed about “How do you treat a new customer?”
  3. And I love how the marketing team at Bonjoro spend time carving out long-form content like eBooks once or twice a year. Remember if you buy Bonjoro at, send Sofia your proof-of-purchase and I’ll send you a Playbook with 30 tried and tested ways of using it. Sofia’s email is

What grabbed your attention?

Let me know in the Comments section below.

This week’s Monster Prize Draw winner


It’s time to reward another motivated listener for taking some serious marketing action.

Today’s winner is Adam Rodger of Thrive Pharmacies.

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