Bored and inspired.

I’ve just spent the last two days at a conference full of marketing and advertising types…the types that look after the big brands.

And I walked away bored AND inspired.

Bored by the fact that they spend soooooo much time navel gazing…measuring this, analysing that. Worrying if social media is or isn’t for their brand. Justifying the gazillions they spend on advertising and other forms of old-school media.

But, by God, did this news inspire me. It confirmed that us small business guys are so far ahead of the game it’s not funny. That’s, of course, if you’re dabbling (no, make that EMBRACING) the new media, trying new ideas as they come to mind…and generally having fun with your marketing efforts. Serious fun, but fun nonetheless.

You see, as small business owners, we have the flexibility to do so…there’s no one breathing down our necks. We should experiment with ideas, tweak them…and then pull them if they don’t work. Just don’t over intellectualise them…leave that to the top end of town. They do it brilliantly!

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