Business networking tips & tricks with Bx Networking’s Matt Alderton | #511

Business networking tips & tricks with Bx Networking’s Matt Alderton | #511

If you’re wanting some business networking tips and tricks to grow your business, then you’re going to love this chat with business networking expert Matt Alderton of Bx Networking. Matt attributes a large amount of his business success (and he’s owned and run 10 businesses!) to his ability to network effectively. And today he shares his business networking secret sauce.

A little more about Bx Networking’s Matt Alderton …

Matt Alderton caught my attention for two reasons. Firstly, he’s owned and run nine businesses … from video stores to Subway franchises. And secondly, he absolutely loves business networking … so much so that he’s founded Bx Networking, Australia’s fastest growing face-to-face community of business owners. 

Added to that he’s won a bunch of national business awards including the prestigious Emerging Talent category at the 2018 Telstra Awards. We cover plenty of ground here including the ins and outs of successful networking, plus what he’s learnt from running businesses in so many different industries. I also ask a few questions that were posted by various Members of the SBBM Facebook Tribe.

The chat starts off with Matt explaining where his love of business comes from. 


Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers from his chat with business networking expert Matt Alderton …

  1. I love Matt’s view that as marketers we should spread our risk across the various key pillars of marketing to include awards, partnerships, online, business networking with a dash of old school thrown in for good measure.
  2. I love Matt’s view that we should all honour the law of reciprocity. Afterall, we get what we give. So give lots, and watch abundance come your way.
  3. I love the idea of finding 3-seconds of courage that then enables us to do absolutely anything. This works especially well when finding the courage to start a conversation with a stranger at a networking event. Try it out next time you’re networking.


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