The Capstone Pitching Technique – A beautifully simple way to pitch that beautiful business of yours

What do you say when you’re in a business setting and someone asks “So, what do you do?”

Some business owners respond with a rational answer like “I’m a Lawyer”.

Others freeze!

Whilst others bumble their way through some long-winded answer that sends the asker to sleep!!

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Made up of eight simple questions, the Capstone Pitching Technique will turn you in to a professional pitcher in no time.

Clarity – In simple terms, what do you do?

Authority – Why should I listen?

Problem – What’s wrong? What’s the unmet need?

Solution – How do you fix it? How do you meet the unmet need?

The Why – Why are you so passionate about this?

Opportunity – How could we work together?

Next steps – How do we start?

Essence – Remind me of the experience I will get from this?

So, using this Capstone Pitching Model, here’s the pitch I’ve come up with when I want someone to book me at an upcoming conference or event (I’ve indicated in square parentheses each section of my pitch):

[Clarity] Hi, my name’s Tim Reid and I’m a marketing keynote speaker who’s spoken at 63 conferences in 8 countries in the past 12-months.

[Authority] I also host the award-winning Small Business Big Marketing Show, Australia’s #1 marketing podcast, as well as the inflight business show on Virgin Australia globally.

[Problem] Having spoken to 1000s of small business owners over the years, it upsets me just how many of them struggle with the dark art they call marketing, with three limiting beliefs constantly holding them back.

They think marketing is too expensive, too time-consuming or too complicated.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

I want the marketing of their precious business to become a hobby. When something’s a hobby, you can’t wait to do it, and you’ll find the money and resources to do it often.

[The why] Having done over 400 interviews with successful business owners, one of the traits they all share is a deep respect for the power marketing has to grow a business.

[Solution & Opportunity] So, backed by a mountain of research, I’ve created three highly engaging and practical keynotes that will leave a business-owning audience keen to race back to their business and start implementing immediately.

[Next steps] You can find out all the juicy details at, or if you’d like to book me for an upcoming event then let me know the date and I’ll confirm my availability.

The bottom-line?

[Essence] Put me in front of any business owner who’s struggling with their marketing, and I’ll have them attracting and retaining more of the right clients in no time.   Thanks for your time.

What do you think?

Are you willing to have a go?

Fell free to drop any questions in the comment section below.

Or, even better, drop in your very own capstone pitch.


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