Selling Secrets of Master Door-to-Door Salesman Chandler Smith (These Can Be Used Anywhere) | #491

Selling Secrets of Master Door-to-Door Salesman Chandler Smith (These Can Be Used Anywhere) | #491

Successful door-to-door selling takes more than having an excellent product. It involves the clever use of psychology, persuasion, and social cues, all working together to help you close the deal.

The master door-to-door sales expert Chandler Smith knows this well and has all the secrets you need to know.

Did you know that he earned $220,000 in his first year? And he’s gone on to recruit and mentor over 800 sales representatives.

Today, new doors will open for you as Chandler discusses the best selling approach and the winning mindsets and strategies to build rapport with every person behind every door.

Aside from sales advice, you’ll also get effective psychological methods you can apply in your life. Make sure to tune in to super-charge your sales skills and ability to connect with people – it even involves guns and nudity!


About Our Guest:

Chandler Smith is the master door-to-door sales expert and a regional sales manager at Aptive Environmental, a pest control service in North America. He began his door-to-door experience on a church mission and eventually became a door-to-door salesman while in college. After earning $220,000 in his first year (in his first 4-months actually!), he has gone to recruit, train, and mentor more than 800 sales representatives over the last six years.


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Chandler Smith’s Secrets to Door-to-Door Selling

The Right Attitude

  • The most successful sales reps can purge everything that happened that day and treat the door they’re knocking on like it’s the most important door.
  • Be positive, friendly and agreeable to get the other person to like you.
  • Most people will build urgency as an excuse to reject you. Reverse the urgency and turn it into your opportunity.
  • Treat it like a game with points. Enough points will close your deal.

The Correct Body Language

  • Smile at them and nod your head with the goal of reciprocation.
  • Establish eye contact but break it enough to keep it comfortable.
  • The faster you talk, the worse off you are; slow down and try to make the customer mirror you.
  • Stand at a 90-degree angle instead of aggressively facing them.
  • Look and behave like a professional and busy sales representative.

How to Avoid Rejection

  • Break eye contact and slow down during the initial part of your pitch where they can cut you off.
  • Create a script for the first 30 seconds, which includes your every action to elicit an endorphin release.
  • Use the “Resolve-Ace-Close” model.
  • Build value to your service by giving an additional service or a price drop.

Who Excels in Door-to-door Selling

  • Someone who has a good work ethic, a positive attitude and the ability to handle rejection.
  • It may seem like a job more suitable for young male students, but in reality, anyone can excel.
  • People are people. There are always ways to connect with someone despite coming from different cultures.

How to Train Sales Representatives

  • Invest in training your sales reps for free even if they don’t end up sticking it through.
  • Leaders are daily role models who provide motivation, quality training and enthusiasm to the team.
  • Hold competitions to incentivize employees and relieve negativity from rejections and hardships.

How Door-to-Door Selling Works

  • Income for sales reps should be all commissions and no stable salaries to motivate them to improve.
  • The pay scale starts at 18% commission up to 50% commission based on production.
  • Door-to-door selling is suitable for industries related to pest control, solar panels, security systems, satellite and TV services, cell phone plans and similar niches.


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If you are interested in improving and training your door-to-door selling skills, you can check out Chandler’s Youtube channel and website for more information. You may also connect with him through LinkedIn or Instagram.

This week’s Monster Prize Draw winner:

Benjamin Selby-Hele of I Choose Awesome.

Ben likes to make his mornings productive, waking up at 4 am and training at the gym. Not only does he make use of his mornings as a way to be physically productive, but he also regularly listens to the podcast for his mental wellbeing!

Ben and I Choose Awesome provide the following services:

  • Gym consultancy to developers of residential apartment buildings
  • Delivery of gym services like personal training, classes, and gym management into residential apartment buildings’ gyms
  • They also sell ICA bands and share inspirational videos, quotes and images to their Instagram followers. 

Ben’s model is relatively new, so he’s striving to improve it. After securing his first building in March, he spends over 40 hours weekly in the gym space, giving personal training, closing up after residents and managing the gym.

He acknowledges it’s not easy to start a business from scratch. There would be ups and downs and self-doubt, constantly asking yourself if you did the right thing. His wife also recently gave birth, and it only served to amplify a lot of his worry.

However, since he discovered the show, he’s been incredibly inspired and excited for his business and the day ahead.

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  1. Scott Carlton

    Australian Consumer Laws appear to be significantly tighter than the US model, AU cooling off periods of 10 business Days are mandatory and you can not accept any form of payment in certain situations for an ‘unsolicited consumer agreement’ ; is an agreement:

    1 concluded face to face or by telephone where the customer did not request the attendance or make the telephone call, for example, door-to-door sales and telemarketing; and
    2 where the total price payable by the consumer is not ascertainable or, if ascertainable, exceeds $100 or another amount prescribed by the Regulations

    If you engage in this type of sale with consumers, you are the subject of the ACL provisions regarding unsolicited consumer agreements and need to pay particular attention to these provisions, which include a 10 day cooling off period but also additional requirements in terms of the contract presentation and sale methodology.

    It should be noted that the ACL provides that a person is taken to have acquired goods as a ‘consumer’ if and only if:
    1 the amount paid for the goods does not exceed $40,000; or
    2 the goods are of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use or consumption.
    Consequently, any sale below $40,000 is one to which the ACL provisions may apply, even if to a business.

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