11 considerations when naming a business.

Recently, I received a question from a listener who was having trouble naming her business.

In her own words, she said “I’ve gone in to the territory of over-thinking land.”

I answered the question in detail in this episode of Small Business Big Marketing, however I thought I’d also share the key points here.

Whilst naming a business can be a challenge, there are some key considerations that, if you are aware of them, will make the process less onerous and more fun:

  1. Choose a name you love – that you love to say, hear and read.
  2. It helps if there’s a story behind the name.
  3. Make it memorable.
  4. It doesn’t have to be self-explanatory, but if it’s not, support it with a tagline that is.
  5. Short is good.
  6. Acronyms suck!
  7. Remember, Apple was once just a piece of fruit.
  8. It’s what you put in to the name in the months and years ahead that makes it special.
  9. Listen to how it sounds – it might read well, but may be hard to pronounce. I feel in to this trap with my other podcast – Freedom Ocean.
  10. It’s good if the domain is available. Dot com if you’re in the state – .com.au if you’re in Australia.
  11. If you’re torn between two names, use 99Designs to get some cheap logos done.

What considerations would you add to this list?