#125 Content Marketing with Joe Pulizzi.

#125 Content Marketing with Joe Pulizzi.

Joe Pulizzi is the Founder of the Content Marketing Institute – a man way ahead of his time. With content marketing really hitting its straps this year,  this fireside chat with Joe reveals everything any small business owner needs to know in order to ride the content marketing wave. And it’s a big wave, team!

Here’s the questions I had for Joe (and unusually I manage to pretty much stick to them!):

What’s with the Thinking of the colour orange on your Skype message?!

How would you define content marketing?

What’s the opposite of content marketing?

Why do you love content marketing so much?

It’s not new – business owners have been writing books for years – so what’s changed?

Can you give away too much?

Small business marketing is a constant trade off between time and money. How does a small business owner create time in order to create content?

I imagine there are some key boxes to tick no matter what road of content marketing you head down. What are they?

What are the most popular forms of content marketing?

What’s the easiest forms of content marketing?

Give some examples of small businesses doing it really well.

OK, so you’ve now created all this content …. how do we get it out there?

How does the average, time poor small business owner start a content marketing strategy?

What’s next for content marketing?

My 5 key learnings from this episode are:

  1. Content marketing is a marathon not a sprint. Go and advertise if you want a potentially quick, short-lived result.
  2. Pull. Don’t always push. Create great content that attracts prospects. Avoid always heap advertising messages upon them.
  3. Act like a publisher.
  4. Be clear on your editorial mission. And then let it drive all your content marketing.
  5. Take a look at Slideshare. It’s a sleeping social media giant! Here’s my Slideshare profile.

PLUS (there’s always more, isn’t there?!) …. I share an insight I’ve recently gleaned from running my Deep Dive Mastermind. It’s all about the importance of acknowledging the opportunity cost when marketing our businesses. Enjoy!

Think in Colour_Joe Pulizzi_Content Marketing

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9 thoughts on “#125 Content Marketing with Joe Pulizzi.”

  1. Hi Timbo and Joe,

    Excellent podcast gents – I was nodding in approval all the way through!

    For me, you also uncovered a new angle on “giving information away” and “can you give away too much?” And that is, “if you don’t give away what you know, your competitors will, and they will get all the credit!” (I love it).

    And also, if someone takes your Intellectual Capital and applies it themselves, then “great, they’re a different type of client to the one that will pay you to do it for them!”

    Two excellent insights!

    Adam Franklin

  2. Thanks Adam. I loved chatting with Joe. He so gets it. I also liked his take on ensuring we’re all clear on our editorial mission. So important.

  3. James @ Bay Beans Coffee

    Timbo – your current episode on Content Marketing – Awesome!

    Only last week, I was discussing with a Air Conditioning business owner, who was ready to sign up to a costly and old fashioned campaign. I was trying my best to convince him about the value of blogging and content creation.. I can’t believe my luck when, in this episode, Joe references the blogging success of Conditioned Air.. you are the guru, complete with crystal ball.

  4. As if there wasn’t enough evidence supporting the graces content marketing out there already, but here’s a pretty long video from Coca-Cola explaining how they’re going to embrace content marketing. http://vimeo.com/36010893. It’s happening NOW 🙂

  5. This was a fantastic episode. The first I’ve listened to, but I plan to add it to my jogging mix! I loved the analogy of advertising being like the cocktail party guest who gets on top of a table and screams about how cool she is. I think you’re right that content marketing is about to get huge, especially tools like Slideshare and Pinterest, but the idea is much older than people realize.

  6. Hi Tim, I’ve been listening to your podcasts since you started and this is the first time I’ve commented! Love them all but especially this one. I’m an Interior Decorator and Colour Consultant and have been blogging for 4 years and sending email newsletters for 6 years. It’s a great way of keeping in touch with my existing clients and also gaining new clients. I laughed at your conversation on colours – orange and pink. They are both friendly colours so great for you guys up on stage. And BTW, they look great together. Go to Pinterest and search “Pink and Orange”. Nature always gets colour combinations right and you just have to imagine a garden of tulips or poppies. Keep up the great interviews Tim.

  7. Great advice re the colours, Jen. Really appreciated. And thanks for tuning in to my show for so long. You’re the one!!

  8. Kevin Williams

    Hi Timbo, Thanks for this podcast. I’ve taken the idea of content marketing to heart. I am a professional stone sculptor and carver. Very few carvers are actually tech savvy, so my involvement in multimedia seems to be helping me gain a professional advantage in my field. I’ve been writing content for my site and then reworking it for my Facebook page. I also created videos, which I’ve posted to my LinkedIn page, Facebook page, and Pinterest board. Anyway, when I look at the types of things I was originally planning to post to Facebook (basically entire blogs) and the things I now know I should be posting, I realize I learned a ton from this podcast, so thank you! http://www.OriginalHandmadeSculpture.com, https://www.facebook.com/originalhandmadesculpture, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kevin-williams/78/ab9/504

  9. My pleasure Kevin. I love hearing stories from listeners who are out there implementing. Keep it up – magic happens when we take action!

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