Creating an emotional attachment with your brand

My New Haul Messenger BagI love Haul’s gear. Haul make beautiful bags, iPad covers and Macbook cases predominantly out of recycled vinyl billboards. If you’ve been listening to the Podcast for a while, you may recall we interviewed Haul’s owner, Scott Kilmartin back in Episode 14.

When I heard Haul had released messenger bags, I bought one almost immediately (well in honesty my wife ordered it for me for Christmas but I gave her a big nudge).

It’s a wonderful thing when a brand can do this – create such an emotive connection that I almost don’t even think about the money I’m spending – I must have it… my precious.

Haul has attained my brand loyalty because their brand and product attributes resonate with me.

I like the fact that the products are made out of recycled materials; although I wouldn’t classify myself as a greeny, re-purposing materials that would otherwise end up as land fill is pretty cool.

Each product is unique. We all like to feel a little bit special and owning a one of a kind makes me feel, well, a little bit special. It also means my purchase is quite personal. There is such a wide selection of colours and designs, you invariably find somethings that’s a bit you.

There’s a story behind each design. If you buy your Haul item in-store, you might be able to find out where your bag came from. Mine’s form a billboard that included a picture of the MCG’s grass – knowing that story somehow adds value to me and I enjoy sharing the story with others.

Haul knows how to have fun with their brand. Take Haul’s email signature for example: “Our products are rubbish”. I love that – a brand that knows how to have fun and not take itself too seriously. Then there’s Haul’s mascot, Gus the Boxer, who had his own Facebook Page. Gus was even at Haul’s recent Christmas party, schmoozing with the guests.

This brand loyalty also means I tweet, Facebooks and talk favorably about Haul to others. Much like my love of (almost) everything Apple, I’m a die hard fan of Haul’s stuff – and their ability to turn buyers into fans is really awesome marketing.

Now, who want to buy an old Crumpler bag?