Do you do what you say you’ll do?

I have too many experiences where a business says they’ll do one thing…and then doesn’t.

What’s that about?!

If you’re going to make it e…..e….Easy, then do so….Don’t make it h…..h…..hard. I bought a washing machine from Clive Peters on Saturday!

If you’re all about being on time then be on time. The handyman I booked last week didn’t turn up today. He forgot!

If you make moving across to a new internet plan simple, then don’t use shop talk. I don’t want to learn what a POP server is. Hi DoDo!

How do you ensure you deliver what you promise?

3 thoughts on “Do you do what you say you’ll do?”

  1. That’s right! One’s you promise, then do as you say so. Never disappoint your customers for they will not return on you anymore.

  2. Margaret Hall

    We just have the same experience buddy! I’ve bought a sala set just this morning and promise to send it to me immediately after an hour but it’s been 3hours, I haven’t seen even just their shadows! They might have called me for an apology. Err!

  3. Delivering on time is a plus factor for any company. If they do so, customer’s satisfaction will boost up and they might have more sales.

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