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My recent fireside chat with email marketing guy Shayne Tilley clearly highlighted the fact that email marketing is a topic that continues to frustrate many small business owners. Not only was the episode well received with loads of feedback from listeners thanking me (and Shayne), the amount of questions I received from listeners via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pre the interview exceeded thirty!

I’m pleased to report that most were answered during our chat, and for those that weren’t Shayne kindly recorded an additional exclusive audio which is accessible to all Small Business Big Marketing Forum members. It’s gold!

But the email marketing tips and tricks don’t stop there. Uh-uh. I have subsequently received three more questions which I’ll tackle below. They are:


Q. Can you please provide us with some tips/hints on effective subject lines for our emails – something to grab the client to read our email over others.

A. This free eBook titled Made You Look : 527 Email Subject Lines That Dare You To Look Away is a great place to start. Print it, and leave it beside your computer. I also like the idea of seeking inspiration from the covers of popular magazines like Cleo or Men’s Health – they nail the art of short, attention-grabbing headlines. Now the person who asked this question happened to be from a speaker’s bureau, so here’s some specific headlines for that industry:

– Don’t book another speaker until you’ve read this.

– How to ensure your next event rocks.

– 7 Secrets To Choosing The Right Speaker.

– Are you joining us?

– The only speaker I recommend is … (the body of the email would then start with something like “… one who will leave your audience spellbound.”).

– A behind-the-scenes look at a successful event.

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Q. I’d be interested in any do’s and don’ts to make your marketing emails stand out from the crowd!

A. OK, here goes:

  1. Review the emails in your inbox. Which ones stand out and why? Replicate what they do.
  2. Avoid fancy HTML newsletter-style, fan-dangle looking emails – they might make you look good in front of your boss, but a short, sharp text email can convert just as well, if not better.
  3. Stick to one message per email.
  4. Split test – send 50% using one headline and 50% using another. Then try to beat the one that wins in your next email campaign. Rinse and repeat.
  5. Keep them personal and short.
  6. Share knowledge and avoid the sell. The sell can come later.
  7. Include one link (multiple times if you like) to the one page.


Q. (This last question is not strictly email marketing-related but does have some relevance) Could you provide us with some catchy words that we can use to describe sensational speakers – I find myself using the same words all the time, such as excellent and terrific however can you suggest some others.

A. My advice here is simple – ask the speakers how they describe themselves. I’m a marketing speaker and I have a number of ways I describe myself which I’m sure could be used in emails to clients. One way I describe my speaking style is to think of me as Jamie Oliver meets Professor John Keating (Robin William’s character in the film Dead Poet’s Society). Then, at a more basic level, I see my presenting style as fun / lively / engaging / conversational – put me on first up in the morning or after lunch! And if you’re still looking for more, then categorise me as Australia’s most practical marketing speaker for small business owners. If all that fails, grab the Thesaurus!


So, I hope the above email marketing tips help.

What works for you? Please leave your feedback or comment below.



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